Designer Interview

Designer Interview

We interviewed Yosuke Aizawa about the collection.

How did your first ever collaboration with UNIQLO come about?

I’ve always had the theme of “family” in my mind, so I thought I can fuse what UNIQLO is aiming for, which are “made for all” and crossing over the generations and races, with my ideal as a fashion designer.

How did you translate the style of White Mountaineering, which crosses over urban life and outdoor, into this collection?

Sport and outdoor details can be used effectively in our daily life, such as going to a park or taking a walk. These are not just cool as a fashion, but also by combining various elements of functionality for movements, outdoor details, texture and heat retention effect, I presume I was able to feed back the technology and knowledge that I had gained through outdoor wear into UNIQLO.

“Easy to move and comfortable to wear” is the keyword. What are the points you were particular about in details and designs?

One of my belief about making clothes is on the premise that people move. I’m not looking for the clothes which are hard to move in and make you feel stressed. Just being cool is not established as a fashion for me. Even when sitting in a chair, whether you are driving a car or walking, some joints are always bent. I don’t think human being are just standing upright all the time. I think the answer to how to apply the important things about outdoor and sport details, which I have been educated through White Mountaineering for many years, into UNIQLO which is worn by diverse people and not limited to anyone, is in the new UNIQLO’s clothes that is created by three-dimensional cutting.

It is impressive that you value the communication which is created through clothes.

While working with various people for many years, fashion is very important when it comes to how communication is facilitated. Of course music and art are important as well but I think clothes is also established as a common language. After this collection is released, I would be very happy to see someone wearing this UNIQLO x White Mountaineering outfits in a casual way.