About +J

About +J

In 2009, UNIQLO and legendary fashion designer Jil Sander began an unprecedented partnership and launched the collaborative label +J. Designed by Ms. Jil Sander, +J challenged industry conventions of luxury and accessibility in its mission to simplify life with straight urban quality pieces. Today, the story of +J evolves. Designer Jil Sander and UNIQLO join forces again, and it feels as if they never parted. In the interest of underlining the individual, we continue the +J quest for attractive uniforms and quiet sophistication. Sharing the basic principles of modernity, durability and uncluttered style, we value a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle. Flexible deliveries of smaller collections will facilitate a fluid response to the market. More than ever, our vision is to concentrate on the essential: to connect the global community and set it free for the tasks at hand.

The Fall/Winter 2020 +J collection features sophisticated essentials for women and men. Inspired by a sense of enlightened understatement, the collection consists of versatile, iconic pieces. Detailed tailoring and sculptural shapes lead to balanced proportions, comfort and ease. Distinct lines give definition to moving panels and dynamic 3D silhouettes. Volumes, while generous, leave room for individuality.

About +J
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Jil Sander

Jil Sander Fashion Designer

Born in Germany. Starting her career as a fashion editor for a women’s magazine, she went on to found her own brand in 1968. Having participated in Milan Fashion Week since the 1980s, she has achieved international success for her forward-thinking designs. In 2009, she released the +J collection with UNIQLO, which revolved around the concept “Open the Future,” clearing the way for new possibilities in clothing. The collection wrapped up in 2011 and was sorely missed. In the course of this year, +J will be back.

* +J is a collaboration between UNIQLO and designer Jil Sander personally and it is not affiliated with the JIL SANDER brand or design house.