Daniel Arsham

What Does Culture Mean To Daniel Arsham?

Daniel Arsham

UT2020magazine asks the common question to the artists who we collaborate with. What did the cotemporary artist, Daniel Arsham answer to our question?

"Culture is what we define ourselves by."

The unique aesthetic and conceptual power of his Fictional Archeology series and Future Relic series make Daniel Arsham one of today’s most fascinating artists. By presenting works that are unconstrained by concepts of linear time such as past, present, and future, as well as works that eschew color entirely, Arsham has the ability to surprise audiences in new ways. “Culture is what we define ourselves by," he says. “It’s also the things we use to understand other people from different places. Travel is integral not only to exhibiting your work, but also to trying to understand how different people interpret the work. It helps you find things you might gravitate towards and can bring into your work."

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Daniel Arsham | Arsham was born in Ohio, USA. He spent his childhood in Miami, where he acquired a fondness for sneakers and street culture. His first artistic collaboration—a sculpture with Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama—was unveiled last year at ‘Studio 2G’ at Shibuya Parco, Tokyo.