The Museum of Modern Art(MoMA)

What does culture mean to MoMA's marketing director, Rob Baker?

The Museum of Modern Art(MoMA)

UT2020 magazine asks the common question to the artists who we collaborate with. What did MoMA's director of marketing and creative strategy, Rob Baker answer to our question?


”Culture is understanding the world better and also understanding myself better.”

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) just reopened in October 2019 after an extensive renovation. To share the newly unveiled MoMA with the world, Rob Baker, the museum’s director of marketing and creative strategy, is tackling several new projects, including producing digital content designed to share the new MoMA, its collection and programs, and its renewed curatorial approach with the public. “In our current times,” Baker says, “you can be really desensitized to the world, and I think by going to a museum or by participating in a cultural experience, you take your brain out of yourself in a way. Any kind of cultural experience is about gaining a better understanding of the world in which you live and connecting to the human experience.”


Rob Baker | Baker, second from right, has been MoMA director of marketing and creative strategy since 2017, and was previously at Tate Modern during the renovation it completed in 2016. If he could take home one work from the MoMA Collection, it would be Christopher Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary.

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Haim Steinbach. hello again (2013). Acquired on the occasion of The Museum of Modern Art’s 2019 reopening. © Haim Steinbach