What does culture mean to YOON?


UT2020magazine asks the common question to the artists who we collaborate with. What did Creative Director of AMBUSH, YOON answer to our question?

Culture is reflection of the times with like-minded people.

YOON launched her career as a jewelry designer in 2008, when she founded AMBUSH with artist VERBAL. She then began to design clothes complement the aesthetic of her jewelry. She has presented her collection in Paris since 2015. In 2018, she was named Jewelry Director for Dior Men. “I used to be VERBAL’s stylist, and as part of my job I would make these special accessories to bring out his character," YOON says. “That was my start in jewelry making. I think my jewelry became popular because they were so different from the usual items associated with hip-hop. In that sense, culture is a mirror that reflects its era—my jewelry became a hit because they reflected the needs of the time."



YOON|YOON was born in South Korea and grew up in the U.S. She founded AMBUSH with artist VERVAL in 2008. She was an LVMH Prize finalist in 2017 and has been Jewelry Director for Dior Men since the 2019 Spring-Summer collection.