Cigarette Jeans were released
Designed by the Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles.

Launched in Los Angeles in 2016,
the Jeans Innovation Center is a special collaborative environment in which we strive to develop the most comfortable,
on-trend denim. It’s where cigarette jeans — and all our styles — were born.

A New Form of Skinny: Cigarette Jeans

Skinny, but not too slim, cigarette jeans were created to make each and every woman feel their best. With a straighter cut, cigarette jeans bring the carefree atmosphere of Los Angeles to your daily wardrobe.


- Lauren’s Style

“I like their comfort and their preached feel. They go with everything — sneakers on the weekends and heels at night. The design goes so well with this city, where urban settings and nature coexist.”

Cigarette jeans are more relaxed than everyday skinny jeans, but still slim. Their on-trend silhouette feels classic and fresh at the same time.


- Mary’s Style

“The high-rise is such a classic look. They make my legs look long and beautiful, and they go with everything in my wardrobe. The jeans are stretchy, so they’re comfortable, too.” - MARY

Rough but cool, the relaxed feel of cigarette jeans is laid-back and chic.


- Amrita’s Style

“Cigarette jeans combine my favorite parts of skinny and boyfriend jeans. I can wear them just to relax.” - AMRITA

Soft cotton and a slim-cut silhouette, they’re the jeans you want to wear every day.


- Kalina’s Style

“Jeans are a symbol of California casual. That’s why I wear them every day. The lines are so great — they look good on everyone.” - KALINA

The comfortable fit of cigarette jeans is a result of hours of research and testing. We’re happy to showcase a jean that not only looks good, but feels good, too.


Noriko Hamasaki
Jeans Innovation Center, Los Angeles

“The straight cut below the knee creates a slimming line versus regular skinny-cut jeans. The sleek, soft denim makes every women’s legs look longer and leaner. I also focused on fading to give them a lived-in look. It’s a pair of jeans that brings the relaxing atmosphere of Los Angeles to you.”