• How to keep warm with this simple Japanese principle
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How to keep warm with this simple Japanese principle

Sep 21, 2023 LifeWear
Keep warm outside, and at home, with HEATTECH: Japanese thermal technology. Wearing thoughtfully designed, insulating clothes around the house will allow you to lower the temperature on your thermostat and save some precious energy this winter. While many of us in Europe may be concerned about the cost of heating our homes, Japan has long been a country that knows how to use strategic layers of clothing to keep the cold at bay. In Japan’s milder regions, such as Tokyo, houses are not designed for heat-retention, as temperatures rarely go below freezing. These buildings excel on hot summer days, but can be difficult to heat during the winter. Rather than run expensive heaters, home-dwellers rely on simple yet effective strategies to stay warm.

Smart layers

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While it might be tempting to wear layer upon layer when it gets cold, there is a smart way to ensure you stay warm without resorting to bulky, uncomfortable outfits that quickly see you working up a sweat. Wearing insulating yet breathable HEATTECH alone, or as a lightweight base layer beneath a jumper or top, can be a great way to preserve warmth while still being able to move freely.

Japanese strategic heating: the three kubi

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首(kubi) is the Japanese character for neck, and is also used as the basis for two other body parts. Wrists are known as tekubi (手首), and ankles are known as ashikubi (足首). Focusing on keeping these three body parts warm can help to keep the whole of your body warm, so are key when it comes to dressing for winters at home.

首 (kubi): Must-have scarves and turtlenecks

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Keep your neck warm and stay stylish in a sophisticated HEATTECH turtleneck. Choose from our range of HEATTECH thermal T-shirts and tops for men or browse our HEATTECH accessories for a soft and snuggly scarf to finish your look.

手首 (tekubi): Long sleeves for warm wrists

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There’s something comforting about pulling down long sleeves to cover your wrists when it gets cold. Discover your new favourite winter layer among our women’s HEATTECH thermal T-shirts and tops. Venturing outside? Take a look at our HEATTECH accessories for women and add a pair of gloves to complete your look.

足首 (ashikubi): Toasty socks

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Choose thick socks that are long enough to cover your ankle and not leave any gaps between the hem of your trousers to keep nice and warm this winter. Our collection of HEATTECH thermal socks for kids even includes knee high styles for extra coverage. Adults can finish off their indoor look with cosy slippers.

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