• Autumn/Winter 2021 Fleece Collection
UNIQLO fleeces in various colours

Autumn/Winter 2021 Fleece Collection

Oct 08, 2021 LifeWear
Fluffy, warm, and sustainable
Fleece is the perfect choice for keeping warm on cold autumn and winter days. In 1997, we started selling a fleece for everyday wear. Two years later, further refinements resulted in the fleece that became the prototype for our current design. Ever since, we’ve been updating the fleece to create the best comfort for urban settings. We’re nowhere near finished, but our latest design that uses micro polyester fibre has produced our most lightweight and painstakingly-created fleece ever. UNIQLO’s eternal quest is to bring this fleece to perfection.

Discover our vast collection of different fleece fabrics and designs in different colours. Shop our women’s, men’s, kids’ and baby fleece collections.

20 colours of fluffy fleece

Our popular fluffy fleece is available in twenty different colours this season to celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNIQLO’s first European store. Feel the comfort of light, yet warm fleece and choose your favourite hue.

Our gentle and soft fluffy fleece is as light as a bundle of warm air. This season, we adjusted the fabric density and pile length across our men’s, women’s, and kids’ fluffy fleeces. The men’s version has longer pile length for a fluffier texture. For women, it is a little shorter for a more refined, smooth feel. The kids get a less dense knit for even lighter comfort. By designing a comfortable fit for everyone, you can enjoy matching outfits for couples, parents with kids, or the whole family.

These super soft fluffy fleece jackets and gilets for women, men, kids, and babies are not only super comfortable, they are also sustainable: 30% of every jacket is made from recycled PET bottles. Learn more about our use of recycled plastic.

Man wearing UNIQLO Fluffy Fleece Zipped Jacket

Fluffy Fleece Zipped Jacket

Fluffy Yarn Fleece Vest

Fluffy Fleece Zipped Jacket

Fleece for every day

Soft and cosy yet lightweight, breathable and functional. At home or away, in the city or the great outdoors, take on winter in style in comfy, cosy fleece.

Pile Lined Fleece V Neck Vest

man wearing UNIQLO Fleece Zipped Jacket

Fleece Zipped Jacket

man wearing UNIQLO Fleece Stretch Jacket

Fleece Stretch Jacket

woman wearing UNIQLO Fleece Pile Lined Single Breasted Short Coat

Fleece Pile Lined Single Breasted Short Coat

Fleece for kids and babies

Let little ones enjoy the comfort of fleece with our signature fluffy fleece jackets, elastic fleece leggings, stylish vests and more!

Fluffy Fleece Zipped Jacket

Shop the women's fleece collection.