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  • Clothing
    Made from
    plastic bottles

    We produce thread from old plastic bottles to create new clothes in order to reduce waste and our use of oil.

    Clothing made from recycled polyester

    At UNIQLO, many of our products contain recycled polyester. Come visit one of our stores to experience the soft texture for yourself. The ratio of recycled material varies by product. For more information, please refer to a product’s price tag, packaging, or care label.

    *1 Estimate made by Toray Industries based on total production of DRY-EX polo shirts for Spring/Summer 2020.
    *2 CO2 emissions generated by the production of polyester chips as a raw material for fibres are approximately one third lower when the chips are made from recycled PET bottles, rather than crude oil.
    *3 Estimate made by Toray Industries based on public data issued by Kyoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

    The recycled plastic collection