This Autumn/Winter 2023 collection is our first capsule collection together, what was your design concept and inspiration? How did you want to introduce “Comptoir-ness” into the collaboration line?

The concept for the capsule was to show the quintessential Comptoir wardrobe; highlighting our collection's essential pieces. It was important for us to express understated French style while using high quality and innovative fabrication from UNIQLO. Giving the customer the essence of Comptoir at accessible price points.

The colour palette is very chic; marinière with navy and ecru, along with the accent colours of saffron and red. What was the inspiration for the colour concept?

We wanted to keep to a classic chic French style, highlighting the beautiful classic mix of navy and ecru with a rich saffron and red. It’s a twist on the classic French essentials, giving our colour range a rich and high-quality appeal.

Which piece defines the spirit of this collection? Can you give us any styling tips?

The spirit is the balance between femininity and sporty styling. For us, the best example of this is the wide leg pleated trousers worn with the lambswool striped jumper. The stripe is blown up for the perfect sporty feel, while the fluid wide pleated trousers bring elegance and femininity.

The peg jeans are another highlight in the collection; capturing the essence of COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS. We imagine it's a surprise for many people that denim is actually said to have been first introduced in France!

Yes, we love this piece because of its heritage. The ecru with the biscuit colour topstitch has an authenticity to it, yet the pleated front gives a modernity to the jeans. We’re using the perfect rivet that we found in antique nickel so it's more than your average jean. And that is what is important in our collection.

COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS is known for iconic French heritage with a feminine gesture and modern allure. How do you define the charm of contemporary French style? Please tell us your tips on how to wear the collection.

French style can be defined by effortless chic. Being elegant in an understated way. It is also a question of attitude and modern mix and match. This capsule collection allows you to mix grey or ecru pieces together for monochrome modern chic looks, or mix elegant casual pleated trousers with sporty striped jumpers, or denim trousers with a fitted feminine shirt underneath a beautiful draped coat.

Natural fibres are an important part of the COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS brand DNA. What can you tell us about craft and authenticity in your production process?

The use of natural fibres in our collection is key. We start from heritage archive pieces and redevelop them to give our collection an authenticity and depth. Natural fabrics also give beautiful quality to the collection. The lambswool crew neck cardigan and knitted polo from this collection feature the ½ cardigan stitch traditionally used in fisherman jumpers. The brushed wool in a herringbone weave that we used for the belted wrap skirt is used in traditional menswear tailoring. We chose this fabric specifically to get this lovely combination between the masculine and feminine.

Do you think utilising natural fabric also supports your concept of “effortless chic”?

Yes, the importance for using natural fabric is an integral part of the brand's DNA. The concept of essential iconic pieces, made in beautiful high quality natural fabrics, is at the heart of every collection in the relationship between quality natural fabrications, craft, and authenticity. This is what builds our effortless chic spirit.

What does COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS mean? How does it reflect the collections of today?

Originally COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS, created in 1995, was inspired by ancient successful commercial vendors of high quality cotton fabrics. Today, it reflects the high quality service provided in our network, retail and online, and the high quality of our products in terms of fabric, finish, and responsibility.

Do you have a message you would like to deliver to customers through this collaboration?

Enjoy the beautiful design of Comptoir at very reasonable prices with the high quality production of UNIQLO!