Concluding a ten-year journey of French chic

Concluding a ten-year journey of French chic

Since launching in 2014, the UNIQLO / INES DE LA FRESSANGE PARIS collection has explored the timeless nature of French chic. The ten years of this collaboration with Ines de la Fressange combine to form a single melody, a concerto that makes LifeWear shine. Drawing to a close, enjoy the grand finale.

INES DE LA FRESSANGE is built on the concept of French chic, based on authentic quality and individual values, unconstrained by price or brand. It is a mixing of genres, in a wide range of items, from luxury to vintage, for universal appeal.


Autumn/Winter 2022

I want everyone to feel confident and like themselves in my clothes. Someone's personality, their generosity and their smile are the most important.


In this interview, Ines shares her thoughts on the collaboration, her approach to design, and her message to her fans.

Please give us three design keywords to describe the theme for this season.

Quiet luxury, elegance, casual chic.


Spring/Summer 2022

The colour palette is very calm and chic. What was the inspiration behind your selection?

UNIQLO is sold worldwide and is worn by all kinds of women, of all ages and styles, so I was looking for universal colours that would draw out the personalities of everyone while bringing a Parisian touch of sobriety and refinement.


The last collection

What was important for you when creating this collection?

I have worked on more than twenty collections for UNIQLO and often I meet women who tell me they still have pieces from many years ago. I am very flattered by this. I think clothes can be real solutions and become pieces we reach for time and time again. I wanted this last collection to be like a capsule wardrobe of essential pieces that embody my motto of less is more.


Spring/Summer 2017

Looking back over the past 10 years, please tell us about your highlights, and any products that you have a special attachment to.

I particularly remember a black dress that I wore for the advertising campaign of the first collection. The shoot was next to the Ritz Paris and the feeling was truly haute couture. Another favourite memory is a photo shoot for a collection with many tweed jackets. The campaign was shot in Montfort-l'Amaury, which is an old French village, and it felt like we had gone back in time.


Spring/Summer 2014

What kind of communication do you have with Naoki when creating the collection?

Of course, Naoki and I were very sad that this is the last collection. We created so many clothes that have been successful and many of them came back to us when working on this collection. Some look so elegant, some were successful against all odds, and many items we are so proud of.
Since the first collection, Naoki and I wanted to give the best quality we could at affordable prices. The main idea was to prove style and elegance were not linked to wealth, with pieces that were easy to style with each other. Dressing up should be easy, quick and playful. Each season we find new ways to interpret French style that fits so many people in so many countries.
With Naoki, we have had a lot of serious moments, as well as laughs and, above all, trust and complicity. I am very sad this wonderful experience will come to an end, but I’ve gained a real friend.


Spring/Summer 2015

Do you have a message for your fans?

“Fans” ?!! (laughs) I would rather say “friends”. My advice would be to keep going back to UNIQLO and dare to look at the men’s collection for themselves, because there are often great things for women.