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2018 Spring Summer Collection

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Let your true colors blossom this spring

A fresh spring breeze and warm sunshine means it’s time to shed cozy winter layers and let a new kind of comfort blossom through the season. Nothing is chicer than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. And this spring, nothing is chicer than comfort. Colors and textures that reveal her own unique point of view. Lines and silhouettes that highlight a relaxed, graceful style as she moves through the day, revealing the same beauty and quiet confidence as a flower bending in the breeze. This spring and summer, discover the full potential of these pieces to make a woman’s singular beauty bloom.

As the summer days grow longer, possibilities for fun and adventure abound. After waking from a dream-filled sleep, a little tousled but ever chic, opening the closet to this collection is like opening French doors to see the magnificent colors of a Mediterranean town on a bright, breezy summer morning. Breathe in the day’s potential for fun and laughter while choosing the perfect balance of color, style, and texture to suit the mood. Discover a rainbow after a sun shower, delight in the selection of freshly cut blooms at a market stall and make another day more beautiful. Laugh with friends over a casual lunch or enjoy cocktails on the terrace at sunset.

Ines’s new collection is for a graceful, stylish life well-lived, for every woman who is as comfortable picking a basket of wildflowers as she is dancing the night away with true joie de vivre. This spring and summer, discover the full potential of these pieces to brighten every day with a touch of sophistication and style.