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Discover Iconic and new ways to turn simple shapes and colors in to surprising patterns!

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George Sowden

George Sowden was born in Leeds, UK. In 1970 he moved to work in Milano and it was there he opened his own design studio. In 1981 he became one of the founder members of Memphis. In 2010 he started the company Sowden – his own-name brand. His prolific work related to pattern and decoration goes back to the 1970s and continues today.

By the end of the 20th century, postmodernism had become de rigueur in the field of design. George Sowden was one of the driving forces behind this movement. He made his name in 1981, when the Memphis Group—a design and architecture collective of which he was a founding member— arranged an exhibition of their radical works in Milan.

“Memphis was a defining moment in late-20th century design,” Sowden says. “It became a movement that influenced the aesthetics and identity of global design. As such, it will be forever discussed and criticized, added to, copied, and constantly reinterpreted by generations to come.”

Today, Sowden runs his own brand, also called Sowden, where he tirelessly pursues new ideas and designs. His first challenge: a new coffee pot.

“When I decided to start the Sowden brand, my first decision was to study new products for brewing coffee and tea,” he says. “Coffee equipment is so complicated. I wanted to invent a simple way to make coffee — as easy and efficient as the teapot is for tea! I am inspired by the idea of ideals.”

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