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Master of Graphics featuring Star Wars

Master of Graphics featuring Star Wars

A UT Collection of iconic Star Wars images reimagined by three Japanese streetwear masters–Jun Takahashi, NIGO, and Tetsu Nishiyama.

© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

Available Online + In All Stores

Product Availability

-Kids items are available at stores featuring kids collection.
-Available Sizes: Men's XXS-3XL | Kids 3-13Y


About The Artists

Jun Takahashi
Designer of UNDERCOVER.

Jun Takahashi launched his UNDERCOVER label in 1990 with a friend while studying at Bunka Fashion College. He has shown collections in Tokyo and Paris since 1994 and 2002, respectively. He is one of few Japanese designers to stay active worldwide while remaining a Japanese fashion industry leader.

Creative Director of UT Collection

NIGO is a legendary pioneer of Tokyo street fashion. He is active worldwide in an array of arenas, including the HUMAN MADE label and as UT’s Creative Director.

Tetsu Nishiyama
Creative Director of UT Collection

Nishiyama started FORTY PERCENT AGAINST RIGHTS in the early 1990s. This brand features slogans on silk-screen clothing to convey its message. He is the director of WTAPS, DESCENDANT, and another fashion brand.

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