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A UT collection made for all that's inspired by world-famous manga and anime characters!

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"Manga" and "Anime" are a proud part of entertainment and culture in Japan. Childlike playfulness and aspirations of becoming a hero continues in adulthood. A UT collection with original designs of series that are loved by all ages and genders throughout the world.

Yu Yu Hakusho
This serial manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi begins with Yusuke Urameshi being hit by a car and killed in an attempt to save a young boy. His soul is carried to the Underworld where he’s rewarded for his good act and granted the title of Underworld Detective, tasked with investigating supernatural activity in our world.

Created by Yoshihiro Togashi, HUNTER x HUNTER is one of the most popular mangas known for its unique characters and surprising storyline. It follows a young boy named Gon who was told all his life that his father was dead. But when Gon learns that his father is still alive and has since become an accomplished hunter, Gon leaves his home to take the hunter test in order to follow in his estranged father’s footsteps.

Naruto Shippuden
In this story, written by Masashi Kishimoto, a powerful fox known as the Nine-Tails attacks Konoha, the hidden leaf village in the Land of Fire in the ninja world. In response, the village leader — the Fourth Hokage — seals the fox’s spirit inside his newborn son, Naruto, and the audience is brought along on the boy’s coming-of-age adventures.

This stylish, battle action manga written by Taito Kubo centers around the teenage character Ichigo Kurosaki who can see ghosts. This talent allows him to meet supernatural trespasser Rukia, one of the Soul Reapers from the dead spirit world known as Soul Society. By attaining the power of a Soul Reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki falls into the chaos of the mysterious Soul Society.

The story, written by Hideaki Sorachi, follows Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura — together known as ‘Yorozuya’ — in an alternate late-Edo period, where humanity is attacked by aliens.

Kuroko's Basketball
Written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, this manga follows Tetsuya Kuroko, a naturally talented player aiming to make his high school basketball team the champions of Japan.

Written by Haruichi Furudate, Haikyu! tells the story of junior high school student Shōyō Hinata who falls in love with volleyball after watching a national championship match on TV. Although short in height, he becomes determined to follow in the footsteps of a star player, nicknamed "Little Giant", after seeing him play.

My Hero Academia
Izuku Midoriya dreams of one day becoming a hero despite his lack of superpowers, that is until one is magically bestowed on him. This story, written by Kouhei Horikoshi, follows Izuku’s adventures while attending a special high school that cultivates the next generation of superheroes.

The Prince of Tennis II
Written by Takeshi Konomi, the series centers around Ryoma, a tennis prodigy who attends a school known for its strong tennis club and talented players. He quickly defeats numerous upperclassmen to secure a spot as one of the team's stars. In pursuit of their ultimate goal of winning the National Championship, Ryoma and the team make new friends while learning and mastering increasingly complex tennis techniques.

Written by Ukyo Kodachi, this story follows Boruto — the 7th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village and son of Naruto — and his friends on their adventures.

Urusei Yatsura
This is an extraordinary love-com story by Rumiko Takahashi that centers around high school student Ataru and Lum, the alien who’s in love with him.

Ranma ½
Ranma is a high school student training in martial arts when he’s cursed with a spell that transforms him into a girl whenever he’s exposed to cold water. This is a love-com manga written by Rumiko Takahashi, and it follows the extraordinary everyday life of Ranma and his true love, Akane.

With over 230 millions comic books published worldwide, Detective Conan is a thriller manga created by Gosho Aoyama. High school detective Shinichi Kudo sometimes works with the police to solve cases but during an investigation, he is attacked by members of a crime syndicate known as the Black Organization. They force him to ingest an experimental poison that, instead of killing him, transforms him into a child.

The story, written by Rumiko Takahashi, begins when Kagome is dragged into an enshrined well by a demon and finds herself transported back to Japan's Sengoku period. There she comes across Inuyasha, a half dog-demon, and they begin their journey to find shattered shards of the Shikon Jewel, an artifact that grants its owner's wishes.

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