UT SPY x FAMILY feature

UT SPY x FAMILY feature

The second collection from "SPY x FAMILY,"
the hottest anime of 2022, HAS ARRIVED TO UT!
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Note: Not to be purchased for resale purposes.

The long-awaited TV anime version of the manga “SPY x FAMILY" serialized in “Shonen Jump Plus" (Shueisha) is airing in 2022. The story is about a skilled spy named <Twilight>, his telepathic daughter Anya, who can read minds, his assassin wife Yor, who hides her true identity from the world and Bond, a dog with the ability to predict the future. Each of the UT is designed by a family member who hides his or her true identity


Long-awaited kids' products are also available.



Anya's surprised face, mischievous face, crying face, and various other expressions can be enjoyed in this design. ”I like peanuts. I hate carrots." is expressed in typography. The back print also features a sneaky look at her favorite peanut. A fun T-shirt for parents and children together with kids' T-shirts.



Bond is a large dog that has gained the ability to predict the future through the "Apple" animal experimentation project. In one incident, he meets Anya Forger, a psychic who can read other people's minds. The one-pointed design on the chest makes this piece easy to wear.



Original design using the opening scene of the cartoon. The TV is from the Forger's home, creating a retro and cute piece.



Anya, who can read people's minds, and Bond, a large dog with the ability to predict the future. This original design combines these two supernatural powers. This is a piece that parents and children can enjoy together with the kids' T-shirt.



The newest addition to the Forger family is Bond, a large dog with the ability to predict the future. The original design features four family members, Loid Forger, Yor Forger, Anya Forger, and Bond Forger, side by side.


The SPY x FAMILY manga by Tatsuya Endo is serialised on Shueisha's online platform Shōnen Jump+, and the TV anime adaptation premiered in April 2022. In an era of escalating global tensions, the neighbouring nations of Westalis and Ostania are locked in an ongoing cold war. Westalis agent "Twilight" is sent on a mission to spy on Donovan Desmond, an Ostanian political leader threatening to shatter the truce between the two nations. His mission: to create a family and infiltrate the social circle of the elite private school that Desmond’s son attends. But little does Twilight know that his adopted daughter has mind-reading abilities, and his wife is an assassin! World peace depends on this unlikely family of three people hiding their true identities from each other.

© Tatsuya Endo / Shueisha SPY x FAMILY Production Committee