A sweater in the winter should be like a t-shirt in the summer— something you reach for, again and again.

Here, learn more about three premium materials UNIQLO uses to create our knitwear.

Extra Fine Merino 100%天然エクストラファインメリノ

ニット エクストラファインメリノ UNIQLO 2018Fall/Winter

The ultimate smoothness from the moment you touch it.

Thin and soft, merino wool has a delicate feel. We use an amazingly thin fiber to produce the highest-quality Extra Fine Merino Wool knits.

A Wide Variety Of Colors

The full spectrum of hues offered in UNIQLO Extra Fine Merino Wool is sure to add brightness to your day. They’re machine-washable, too, so they’re easy to clean.


Premium Lamb 100%天然プレミアムラム

ニット プレミアムラム UNIQLO 2018Fall/Winter

Feel the warmth.

Our lambswool is fluffy to the touch, so you can feel the warmth between your fingers. The fibers are soft, so you never feel itchy.

ニット プレミアムラム UNIQLO 2018Fall/Winter

Wrap yourself up.

Thick and substantial, our lambswool gently surrounds the body so you’re in a constant blanket of warm softness.

Cashmere Wool 100%天然カシミヤ

ニット カシミヤ UNIQLO 2018Fall/Winter

The ultimate softness.

Considered the jewel of fabrics, cashmere has a luxurious feel that’s hard to forget. UNIQLO sweaters are made meticulously, with great attention to detail, leading to incredible warmth and softness.


We care about knitwear.

UNIQLO’s sweaters are made with strict quality control. Incredible thought is put into material, color, knit, and finish, leading to maximum effort in every process.

ニット UNIQLO 2018 Fall/Winter