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The smart breathable base layer that releases heat and moisture, adapting to any weather condition.

Airism Pink Cami


Quick-drying and breathable

Stays cool to the touch

Anti-microbial and self-deodorizing

Amazingly stretchy

Airism W Jacket

Ways To Wear it

  • As a sweat-wicking inner layer

  • As quick-drying activewear

  • As breathable styles in the summer heat

  • As loungewear that stays cool to the touch

Airism M V-neck

You have to try it! Feels very different than cotton (which is what I used until now) but really comfortable and so much better. –Anonymous

Ideal for exercise and leisure summer wear. –Pamuniqlofan

Cool and seamless. The perfect layer under a white shirt. –Anonymous

Not only did I not perspire ... but these tops that can be worn as an outer top or a T-shirt under another top are absolutely MAGNIFICIENT!!! –ChinaDollofthePlatters