• Visit a Blue UNIQLO Store to Prepare for the Summer Heat with AIRism
Visit a Blue UNIQLO Store to Prepare for the Summer Heat with AIRism

Visit a Blue UNIQLO Store to Prepare for the Summer Heat with AIRism

Jun 04, 2024 NEWS
UNIQLO launches “Preparation for Summer” campaign

Since Friday May 17, a total of 12 UNIQLO stores inside train stations in Japan have been designated “Cool Share” spots offering public air-conditioned spaces. UNIQLO has always aimed to provide people with apparel to meet their daily needs, where and when they need them. Focusing on train stations, which many people use when going out in the extremely hot summer, UNIQLO is making everyday life more comfortable with AIRism, essential summer items that reached record high sales in April this year.

* Number of AIRism products sold in April 2024 (Japan only)

In addition to its stores around town, UNIQLO will continue to provide LifeWear in places with close connections to daily lives, such as train stations and hospitals, to meet a variety of needs.


Twelve stores located in major train stations bustling with Japanese and foreign tourists, such as the JR Ikebukuro Station Chuo 1 Ticket Gate store, the Wing Shimbashi store, and the Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station store, will be renovated for summer as “Blue UNIQLO” stores with cool and refreshing bright blue exteriors. These stores will feature a wide range of AIRism products, perfect for summer with their DRY functionality to quickly wick away sweat, and a cool touch sensation for a refreshing feel. Cold air fans will also be installed in stores to allow customers to cool down while shopping.

Store ImageLeft: Shin-Osaka store / Right: Kobe Station store

Store ImageLeft: Ecute Shinagawa Store / Right: Nagoya Eska store

Take a break from harsh summer travel and cool down at a “Cool Share” UNIQLO store in one of these train stations.

Blue UNIQLO Stores:
JR Ikebukuro Station Chuo 1 Ticket Gate Store, Wing Shimbashi Store, GRANSTA Tokyo Store, Ecute Shinagawa Store, Ecute Ueno Store, Nagoya Eska Store, Kyoto Station Hachijoguchi Store, JR Shin-Osaka Store, Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station Store, Namba Walk Store, JR Kobe Station Store, Amu est Hakata Store.

Friday, May 17 to early August 2024 (Campaign period varies by store.)