• UNIQLO Opens Central China’s First City Flagship Store in Wuhan
UNIQLO Opens Central China’s First City Flagship Store in Wuhan

UNIQLO Opens Central China’s First City Flagship Store in Wuhan

Jun 04, 2024 NEWS
On May 1, UNIQLO opened the doors of its first city flagship store in central China, UNIQLO Wuhan Chuhe Hanjie Street. This is the 26th UNIQLO store in Wuhan, and the first to store in central China to feature UNIQLO FLOWER and UTme! As a new landmark for LifeWear in the region, the UNIQLO Wuhan Chuhe Hanjie Street Store is set to create an array of exciting and unique experiences that will allow customers to fully immerse themselves in local culture and trends.

Store interior
Opening on China’s Labor Day holiday, the store attracted over 30,000 customers and became China’s top selling store during the holiday period, quickly establishing itself as a new hot spot for shopping in Wuhan. The opening event featured a host of unique experiences befitting a flagship store, including a Guinness World Record-holding giant UT and a Harry Potter UT Cosplay show. “The store offers more novel and trendy shopping experiences and attracts the city's young consumers to the Hanjie shopping area, injecting economic vitality into Wuhan's commercial districts,” said a media representative attending the store opening.

The store's Wuhan-exclusive products that integrated LifeWear with the local culture were a huge hit. The store utilized the first UTme! in central China to highlight such exclusive local collaborations Zhou Hei Ya (a local food company) and Erchang Soft Drinks, as well as City-themed patterns. Furthermore, exclusive gifts for customers celebrating the store opening included limited-edition mini round shoulder bags with embroidery of Wuhan's iconic cherry blossom motif and the city's name in Chinese characters, as well as a “UNIQLO City Journal.” This small guide magazine introduces the unique lifestyle in Wuhan, exploring the city's features through interviews with residents, introducing the city’s UNIQLO stores, as well as highlighting some fun and interesting bookstores, cafes, and more. During the opening period, customers who spend over 500 yuan were able to receive a hard copy of the journal.

Limited edition to celebrate the opening

Store appearance
Wuhan is a city steeped in history with one of the world's largest university student populations, and is poised to lead fashion trends and innovation in central China. In anticipation of the store's opening, UNIQLO collaborated with the local university to host campus forums, communicating with more than 40,000 students about potential employment opportunities and boosting their confidence through student fashion shows. “The vibrant and energetic lifestyle that UNIQLO embodies is exactly what we, the younger generation, are seeking,” said a local college student. UNIQLO also highlighted the new store ahead of its opening day celebrations, encouraging thousands of young customers to visit.

Store Overview
Name of the store: UNIQLO Wuhan Chuhe Hanjie Street Store
Address: District 1, Chuhe Hanjie , Wuhan, China
Sales floor area: A total of 2,153 square meters across 1F & 2F
Opening date: May 1, 2024