• UNIQLO Expands in Italy with Distinctive New Stores in Rome and Milan
UNIQLO Expands in Italy with Distinctive New Stores in Rome and Milan

UNIQLO Expands in Italy with Distinctive New Stores in Rome and Milan

Jun 04, 2024 NEWS
The UNIQLO Roma Via del Corso store opened in the Italian capital of Rome on April 18th, followed on May 2nd by the opening of a new store in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan, which is attracting attention as a new sightseeing spot. See these two stores with radically different concepts embrace both the classic and modern of Italy’s two major cities.

UNIQLO Rome Via del Corso store opens in a historic building

Store appearanceUNIQLO Roma Via del Corso, the first store in Rome, is located on Via del Corso, one of the busiest streets in the heart of the Italian capital. Occupying a corner of the Galleria Alberto Sordi shopping arcade, built in 1922 in the Art Nouveau style of architecture, the store exhibits harmony with the traditional city and the elegant atmosphere of the buildings, while aiming to bring new value to this iconic place for the people of Rome.

Tremendous success from opening day
OpeningOpening day was a great success, with more than 700 customers lined up prior to the opening at 10 a.m. With one basement floor and two floors above ground, the store has a sales floor area of 1,300 square meters filled with products for men, women, and children. The store brings UNIQLO LifeWear, clothing designed to make everyone’s life better, to the local customers in Rome and the many visitors to this historical city from all over the world.

RE.UNIQLO and UTme! corners
Store interiorUNIQLO Rome Via del Corso features such exclusive services as RE.UNIQLO Studio, which offers customers the ability to repair and customize UNIQLO items, and Italy’s first UTme!, an exclusive service allowing customers to select or create their own designs for a unique printed T-shirt. The store also offers an automated Click & Collect system for customers to pick up their online orders in a fast and autonomous manner.

Store Overview
Name of the store: UNIQLO Roma Via del Corso
Address: Via del Corso 197, Rome, Italy
Sales floor area: A total of 1,300 square meters across GF, 1F & 2F
Opening date: April 18, 2024

Unique new store opens beneath Milan

Store appearanceA small pod-shaped building has appeared in Piazza Gae Aulenti in the heart of Milan’s design district. With an ultra-modern design, it stands at the foot of the brand-new skyscrapers of the Portanuova district, where thousands of office workers come and go each day.

OpeningAs soon as the doors slide open at 10 a.m., customers eagerly stream inside, heading onto an escalator that carries them underground to Milan’s newest UNIQLO store. The underground sales area of over 800 square meters was used previously as a parking garage. The striking new store concept was described by Italian media as “futuristic” and “an unconventional architectural experiment” that adds value to the area’s aesthetics without disrupting the existing contemporary visual appeal.

Store interiorInside the store, men’s, women’s, and kid’s lines are all displayed on one floor, in a way that highlights both the functional and innovative design aspects of LifeWear. UNIQLO has also partnered with the Italian interior brand Kartell, which provided contemporary furnishing such as tables and carpets for the store.

Commenting on the new store opening, Mark Barnatovic, UNIQLO Italy COO, said that “Growing and consolidating the brand in Italy is the natural step to undertake after the successful launch of our first Italian flagship store in Milan in 2019, and our recent expansion into the city of Rome.”

“Given the positive response to date in Milano, we have seen that the Italian public has embraced LifeWear and we wish to keep providing them with the items to build their personal style according to our Japanese values of functionality, simplicity, and high-quality.”

BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi MilanoAs part of the opening celebrations, UNIQLO supported BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano (Library of Trees Milan), a project focused on creating green spaces and fostering sustainability in the Portanuova district. BAM workshops, organized in partnership with UNIQLO, allow participants to feel close to nature, while learning how better to respect and safeguard it.

Store Overview
Name of the store: UNIQLO Gae Aulenti
Address: Piazza Gae Aulenti 8, Milan, Italy
Sales floor area: 800 square meters
Opening date: May 2, 2024