• Why Giving a Warm Welcome Means More This Holiday

Why Giving a Warm Welcome Means More This Holiday

This hard year has been especially hard for refugees. And any amount you can give means that much more.
As we proudly do every holiday season at UNIQLO, we’re asking our customers to join us in giving a warm welcome to new refugees in America, by making a contribution in-store or online at checkout to the International Rescue Committee (IRC). And as always, we’ll match your contributions*.

But this time around, your contribution means so much more.

Illustration of family of 4 wearing masks with birds in the background

Everyone has suffered in this pandemic, which means the health and safety of our families are of first priority. But as COVID-19 continues to spread, refugees are especially vulnerable. Many are fleeing violent or oppressive places, only to arrive in living conditions that make social distancing impossible. Harder still, many lack access to reliable medical care.

But together we can help families build better lives here in America—even as you continue protecting your own family.

“It makes it easier, when you are new, when people are helping you. For me, I did not get trouble from any person when I came, and it helped me feel connected to America.”
—Warm Welcome 2019 Interviewee

Through our partnership with the IRC, we are providing much-needed funding, warm winter clothing and face masks, and employment opportunities for refugees. By giving a warm welcome when you shop at UNIQLO, you are joining in our efforts to support the IRC in helping refugees resettle safely and rebuild their lives.

Illustration of family of 4 with backs turned, looking up at birds in the sky.

Together we can help the IRC create brighter futures for these new Americans. Even a small amount can make a big difference. And it means more this year than ever.

Shop now, and UNIQLO will match your contribution at checkout*

Learn more about the IRC

*UNIQLO USA will match all customer contributions up to $80,000, in the form of cash and UNIQLO USA product. Your contribution is not tax-deductible.