Dancing Sisters Alyssa + Sammy Rickey Battle NYC Cold In Fluffy Fleece
Dancing Sisters Alyssa + Sammy Rickey Battle NYC Cold In Fluffy Fleece
Nov 28, 2018 LifeWear
Plus, dancing at their desks, how they stay warm, and more.
Alyssa and Sammy Rickey are dancing queens. Between their popular dance classes and Instagram channel, they teach scores of men and women how to shake what they have — and have fun doing it. Building a dance empire isn’t as easy as you’d think, so these two need the comfort and warmth of UNIQLO down and fluffy fleece to dash from appointments and classes, and oh yeah — their day jobs.

They wear: fluffy fleece

“We’ve been dancing since we could walk. We have baby videos to prove it.”

“It’s VERY hard to balance a 9-5 job with classes and choreography! Late nights and videos of eight-counts and freestyles are sent back and forth on a constant basis. Sometimes, we even resort to mentally working on choreography while at our desks or commuting.”

They wear: seamless down coats

“We like to think our students love that our class doesn’t feel like a workout. More like a bunch of friends dancing and having fun. Also, that moment when they nail the choreography!”

“We are definitely sisters who bicker ,but we trust each other and know the other better than anyone else.”

They wear: fluffy fleece, seamless down coats

“Finding our niche is a journey — we are so motivated to do it together.”
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