• How To: Care For Your Non-Iron Shirt

How To: Care For Your Non-Iron Shirt

Sep 26, 2018 MEN
Easy to wear AND easy to care for.
Behold, the non-iron shirt. Obviously, the benefit to wearing one is that it doesn't require any ironing. But sometimes you might wonder and ask yourself, "Why am I getting these small wrinkles?” Well, here are some tips to bring out the best features of the super non-iron shirt. Read on and shop the collection.

Use A Mesh Laundry Bag

Most non-iron shirts are machine washable, and you can check the tags on your shirt to check how to wash it. However, if you wash it without protection, the fabric can get wrinkled or damaged. To avoid this, use larger mesh laundry bags and button up your clothes to prevent any damage to the sleeves or collar when spin-drying. Using a short spin-dry helps prevent wrinkles by keeping enough moisture in the garment so that its weight can automatically stretch out the wrinkles.

When drying the washed items outside, make sure to use a thick hanger that matches the size of the shirt. After you've hung it up, shake out the pieces and stretch the wrinkles using your hands, while aligning the shape to its original. If you're going to spin-dry the shirt, make sure to straighten it out as soon as the laundry is finished.

Be Careful With Your Iron Temperature

Non-iron shirts require little-to-no ironing, yet there are times when you want the collar to stay a little crisper throughout the day. But don’t set your iron too hot! Non-iron shirts can be damaged when ironing temperatures are set too high. Generally, low to medium-temperature settings are recommended for shape-stabilized shirts, but check the care labels before you begin ironing.

Say Goodbye To The Dry Cleaner

Depending on the material, no-iron shirts can be damaged by high heat, and dry cleaning may be performed with high-temperature ironing. Take a look at the care label, and if the item doesn't allow dry cleaning, it means the garment can be taken care of with daily maintenance.

Hang For Wrinkle-Free Storage

Keep your non-iron shirts wrinkle-free by using a hanger. Since this doesn't fold the garments, you won't get any creases! Make sure there's some space between the garments to avoid any damage from friction.
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