Fashionable + Functional Golf Gear
Fashionable + Functional Golf Gear
May 15, 2018 LifeWear
Yes, you can play well and look great, too.
Style Girlfriend is here with helpful tips for the stylish modern man. This week? How to get your golf wardrobe on par for the spring season.

Check out these five tips and tricks for looking your best from the course to the clubhouse… and beyond!


KANDO shorts

First things first: There’s no point in looking like an ace on the links if you can’t at least try to play like one, too. And in order to play well, you’ve gotta be able to move well.

Spoiler alert: Baggy isn’t the answer here. Instead, opt for stretchy, quick-drying performance trousers like KANDO pants and shorts. These bad boys are crisp and slightly formal in appearance, so you can wear them to work, disappear for a quick nine at lunch, and be back at your desk without tipping off the boss. As UNIQLO ambassador Adam Scott says, “Labeling golf clothes [as golf-specific] is restrictive.” Plus, the quick-drying, incredibly lightweight fabric of KANDO means you’ll be comfortable no matter what else you do with your day.



I’m no expert, but I’ve heard that it’s helpful to be able to see what you’re doing when you’re hitting a ball the size of a large strawberry towards a hole roughly the size of an Eggo waffle at least 250 yards away (and much, much further, depending on the par). Unless you’re planning on going pro, your favorite everyday sunglasses will probably do the trick — just be sure they don’t slide down your nose when you’re teeing off.
Even for more dedicated golfers, you don’t have to go all-in on a pair of shield glasses like this it’s the Tour de France. A pair of lightweight, durable sport sunglasses with a flattering Wayfarer-style frame will do the trick.


Printed polo shirt

This season, UNIQLO has adjusted the shoulder and armhole fit of their dry pique polo to allow for easier movement and a sleeker fit. The DRY fabric technology will keep you, yes, dry, through all 18 holes, and minor sewing updates to the seams and placket from last season’s cut ensure a smooth, flattering look. My favorite thing about these practical, player-ready polos, though? The seasonal colors and prints—including swiss dots (subtle elegance!), anchors (nautical prep!), and orcas (pandas of the sea!) printed onto shades of salmon pink, navy, red, and gray.


Printed polo shirts, socks

If you ask me, one of the best things about individual sports like golf is that you can wear whatever you want…within the dress codes that apply on various courses. Blame it on years of unflattering soccer team uniforms, but room for individuality in competition thrills me.

As such, I see no reason to stick to neutrals and “safe” colors when you tee off. Soft yellow, pastel pink, sapphire blue, deep green… If you don’t know what looks best on you, just ask your mom which color “really brings out your eyes.” Trust me, she’ll know.
And how about having a little fun with your accessories? There’s no shortage of fun, printed and colorful socks in durable, moisture-wicking yarns that are comfortable enough for a bit of sport. So, go ahead—let a peek of ankle whimsy show under those chinos! Try tiny sailboats! Or argyle! Or stripes!


KANDO jacket

Athleisure isn’t appropriate all the time. Indeed, at golf courses and country clubs around the globe, conservative dress codes are still the norm. For evenings, many require gentlemen (such as yourself!) to wear a blazer and collared shirt.

The KANDO jacket — which comes in classic colors like navy, khaki and gray — is made with the same DRY fabric as their polos. Boom — you’re instantly classed up and, thanks to the addition of Airdots fabric, you’ve got “anti-microbial and anti-odor functionality” so you don’t, y’know, stink up the joint after a particularly grueling game. The club elders will thank you, I promise.

Ultimately, my favorite thing about golf style is that it’s basically just style—with better fabric. Going to the office? Wear your favorite golf polo. Taking a girl to dinner and dancing? Rock those “performance trousers” with a button up shirt and brogues. Meeting your parents for brunch? Those festive socks and “clubhouse” blazer are calling your name! I’m not exactly saying you should wear your golf attire everywhere you go, but I’m also not not saying that…

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