3 Destinations, 3 Suitcases
3 Destinations, 3 Suitcases
May 11, 2018 LifeWear
Plan for your next weekend away.
Going somewhere? (You should be!) If you’re stuck on what to pack, here’s a little suitcase inspiration that’s sure to help you prep for wherever the road takes you.


Pictured: wireless bra, seamless shorts, denim jacket, cropped tee, ultra stretch jeans, cotton cap, backpack

Active days exploring a new town mean versatile, wearable separates — think slim jeans, comfortable tees, and breathable foundations. Don’t forget your camera to take in all the sights!

1. Loose jersey pants look cool when exploring but still give you room to move.
2. An AIRism tank top wicks away moisture, avoiding that clammy feeling that can creep up midday.
3. A plain tote is ideal for souvenirs.
4. RELACO shorts are breathable and light, so they’re great for sleeping.


Pictured: wireless bra, seamless shorts, two-way tank, linen-blend cardigan, skirt, scarf, hat

The warm, tranquil breezes and cool nights of a tropical resort mean a little layering is a must. A breezy skirt and tank combo coupled with a linen-blend cardigan feel beachy and still polished.

1. Unexpected rain storm in town? A pocketable parka is easy to carry and protects from sudden squalls.
2. A mesh bag is great for the beach — all the sand falls out!
3. You’ll need a coverup for the pool. How about a loose dress in a bright floral print?
4. Want to just chill? Striped shorts are cute and cooling.


Pictured: wireless bra, seamless underwear, UV jacket, cotton tee, circular skirt, flats

The bad news? You have to work on vacation. The good news? You still get a trip! A light blazer and skirt paired with a tee will have you running from meetings to museums with ease.

1. No robe in the hotel? Cute pajamas will keep you cozy.
2. Linen is the ideal fabric for travel — the more wrinkled it gets, the better it looks!
3. Multiple planes and cars can mean an A/C chill. Take a scarf along.
4. Throw an extra cardigan in your bag — it’s the perfect polish for jeans and a tee.

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