How Editors Actually Dress During The Winter
How Editors Actually Dress During The Winter
Feb 12, 2018 LifeWear
The Zoe Report helps you through the winter slump.
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The struggle to look chic without freezing to the bone is one to which any woman who lives in a non-equatorial climate can relate. When the temperatures drop so low you only want to wear a floor-length sleeping bag, looking put together, nay, work-appropriate, seems nearly impossible. As editors, it is our job to look polished no matter the climate, so we've been forced to learn a few tricks along the way. With the help of our friends at The Zoe Report, we're sharing the outfit formulas editors rely on in cold weather.

For A Lunch Meeting

Layering is the name of the game, but that doesn’t mean piling on the chunkiest pieces you can find and hoping for the best. Instead, opt for smart fabrics like HEATTECH, which works with your body to generate heat and retain it, all without unnecessary bulk. In this outfit the beanie, tights, and long-sleeved top are all from the HEATTECH line, creating a cozy foundation for topping with a polished pleated skirt and sleek coat.

For Work And Beyond

Heading to the office through arctic temperatures can be tough, so layering is the name of the game. A hefty skirt like this navy version will add plenty of warmth, particularly when layered over tights and over-the-knee boots. Editors know the challenges of overheated offices well, hence the value of incorporating a light-yet-polished top like this button-up shirt into their layering arsenal. Finally, a pop of color by way of a nubby, oversized knit adds interest and looks equally great over your shoulders if you're feeling too toasty.

For A Casual Day Out

When spending time with friends or indulging in a little retail therapy, most editors won't be caught in killer stilettos and leather trench coats. Instead, they opt for pulled-together pieces that look effortlessly casual but are in fact well made and timeless. For example, a flattering skinny legging pant in a versatile dark wash looks incredibly smart when tucked into ankle boots. Rather than simply pairing the legging pants with an oversized knit, editors love to layer, hence this skinny grey turtleneck worn underneath a striped sweater. Another trick favored by editors is opting for a classic piece with a subtle twist. Case in point, this collarless puffer jacket that is just as warm as a ubiquitous collared version but far more unusual.

Photography: Felisha Tolentino