• How Our Favorite Tastemakers Wear HEATTECH, BLOCKTECH & More

How Our Favorite Tastemakers Wear HEATTECH, BLOCKTECH & More

Jan 15, 2018 WOMEN
Layering, loving, and showing it off.
The self-warming, let's-make-it-all-toasty feelings of HEATTECH and BLOCKTECH don't just keep you warm — they both look pretty good, too. With this in mind, we tapped on some of our favorite bloggers, tastemakers, and photographers to show us how they combine form and function, wearing these highly functional fabrics all year long (they go with everything!).

Steph Pollock | Colorado


The busy photographer, blogger, and mother of two loves HEATTECH and BLOCKTECH because they battle the unpredictable Colorado weather. "I love HEATTECH because we don't have to wear a lot of layers to keep warm," Steph says.

"Colorado is WAY windier than Chicago, aka the Windy City," says Steph, "So this parka keeps me warm no matter the occasion."

Katerina Seigel | Pennsylvania


This Philly-based fashionista doesn't let inclement weather dictate her fashion choices. She depends on HEATTECH for insulation instead — "they’re perfect for keeping toasty on chilly winter days," she said.

Her other favorite? HEATTECH leggings for days out in casual style.

Carlos Batlle | New York


Even the most fashionable man in New York City gets chilly. Well, no longer – Carlos uses HEATTECH to keep cozy under his Seamless Down Parka.

Even New York strolls are made better with HEATTECH. There's no need to wear a jacket when stopping for a quick cup of joe.

Indah Nur | California


Indah Nur oozes California cool.. even when it's downright cold in her home state. "HEATTECH keeps me warm and happy when it’s chilly in LA."

It also fits seamlessly into her sleek, minimalist wardrobe.

Jenn Hanft | New York


Blogger Jenn Hanft escapes the bustle of New York City for the mountains, and when she's turning to nature, she turns to HEATTECH, too. "Staying warm while hiking has never been easier," she says.

When temps get truly chilly, Jenn loves BLOCKTECH fleece pants and her trusty jacket to protect her from whipping winds.

Want your own HEATTECH? Shop it here, for men and women.