The Active Closet
The Active Closet
Jan 11, 2018 LifeWear
This year, resolve to look great in sporty separates.
Missing something from your closet? Think outside the box in 2018 and resolve to wear your favorite sporty gear in new ways. Luckily, the high-performance UNIQLO activewear you work out in is ideal for stepping out, too.

Afternoon Outings

He wears: Dry Stretch hoodie, ultra stretch chino, Supima cotton tee, cotton cap

Replace your afternoon coffee with a juice or smoothie and you’ll probably feel better come days’ end. Wear your favorite moisture-wicking hoodie for your excursion, and you’ll be amazed that a workout staple looks just as good with street clothes.

Man About Town

He wears: BLOCKTECH parka, slim fit chinos, denim shirt, extra fine merino sweater

No three-martini lunches here! On your lunch break, you’re visiting the post office, the drugstore, and grabbing takeout on your way back. A BLOCKTECH parka is the best topper for errands, as it’s stretchy enough to move with you and breathable so you won’t break a sweat.

Crossfit to Croissants

He wears: BLOCKTECH parka, DRY-EX crew neck tee, Ultra Light Down vest, jeans

You hit it hard in the box, and now it’s time to hit the breakfast table even harder. Light, breathable BLOCKTECH will help cool you down in time for coffee while protecting you from wind and rain along the way.

Road Warrior

He wears: BLOCKTECH convertible collar coat, stretch selvedge denim, extra fine merino sweater, Supima cotton tee

Multiple meetings mean no time for outfit changes. Look sporty and stay comfortable in a BLOCKTECH coat that can change with the weather and the season (you’ll feel cool in it, too).

In the Stretch

He wears: Ultra Light Down jacket, dry stretch sweatpants, 3-way bag, DRY-EX polo

Go from late meetings to a late game of soccer with ease in sweatpants that look polished and move so well you’ll feel like you’re Ronaldo on the field. Watch out for those yellow cards.

Take a Hike

He wears: BLOCKTECH parka, dry stretch sweatpants, DRY-EX hoodie, DRY-EX crew neck tee

Hiking conditions can go from good to bad pretty quickly — make sure your time on the mountain is well-spent by prepping with a water-resistant parka and quick-drying sweats.

Up Your Cardio

He wears: pocketable parka, DRY-EX shorts, DRY-EX crew neck tee

Fun things come in layers — onions, parfaits, and Shrek. Oh, and your workout, too. A pocketable parka is the best topper for intense exercise. Once you get warmed up, it’s easy to stash so you can hit your PR.

Go the Distance

He wears: DRY-EX shorts, performance compression tights, DRY-EX hoodie, DRY-EX crew neck tee

Water? Check. Protein bites? Check. Long-lasting performance gear? Check. Make sure all your runs are ready for extra miles with comfortable, moisture-wicking tights.