Your Resolution Wardrobe
Your Resolution Wardrobe
Jan 09, 2018 LifeWear
How to wear your favorite high-performance pieces, on- and off-duty.
The New Year marks the beginning of resolution season, but this year, we’re resolving to not make many at all. Instead, we’re vowing to just get out there, whether it be going for a stroll on a Saturday or going to the gym. Luckily, UNIQLO’s sporty styles are ideal for both. Dress them up or down — these high-performance pieces will go with everything in your closet.

Post-Yoga Protection

She wears: BLOCKTECH coat, cotton cap, Boston bag, DRY-EX crew neck tee, UV Cut AIRISM leggings

Hot yoga is a great way to restore body and mind, but exiting into the elements can be tricky. BLOCKTECH outerwear is the perfect solution — it’s breathable, so your body can rid itself of sweat and moisture, but it’s windproof and water-resistant, too, so breezes and rain outside stay out.

Snacking Style

She wears: DRY sweat hoodie, AIRism bra camisole, high-waist skirt

Acai bowl calling your name? Throw a moisture-wicking hoodie on and fulfill your snack attack. It’s sporty and still modern, so it looks good with everything, even the skirt you wore to work.

A New Hue

She wears: BLOCKTECH coat, UV Cut AIRism leggings, AIRism mesh hoodie, DRY-EX crew neck tee

What you wear — even your workout clothes — should reflect your personality. A BLOCKTECH coat in a millennial pink hue shows off your love of color. A bonus? The hue goes with everything in your closet, too.

Afternoon Adventures

She wears: BLOCKTECH coat, cotton tee, ultra stretch jeans, extra fine merino sweater

The BLOCKTECH coat you love when leaving boot camp can do double duty. Sure, it’s great after dips, but it’s also fashionable enough to top off an afternoon spent strolling museums and cute little bakeries.

On the Road Again

She wears: BLOCKTECH parka, high-waist wide chinos, Supima cotton tee

Biking to work is eco-friendly (and so in right now), but being sweaty won’t fly in your 9:00am meeting. A breathable BLOCKTECH parka prevents that clammy feel, and the stretchy material is easy to move in, too.

Take a Hike

She wears: BLOCKTECH parka, DRY-EX leggings, DRY-EX crew neck tee

Our favorite exercises are always outside — it makes you forget you’re, well, working out. Take a windproof, water-repellent BLOCKTECH parka on your next hike. It offers amazing protection from the elements and is easy to pack away in the midday sun.

On the Run

She wears: pocketable parka, DRY-EX ankle pants, AIRism bra camisole

A long run means a good sweat, but as your mother says, take a jacket with you. A pocketable parka stows easily but is there in case of sudden squalls or gusts.

HIIT It Hard

She wears: seamless bra, DRY-EX shorts, UV Cut AIRism leggings

High-intensity interval training is just that — intense. A seamless sports bra offers the support you need with the built-in bonus of stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric. You’ll be able to plank for days (well, minutes).