The Lineup: UNIQLO Fleece
The Lineup: UNIQLO Fleece
Jan 08, 2018 LifeWear
Varieties to warm you up.
Finding fashion for cold winters is easy — down parkas and Ultra Light Down all the way. But for transitional months or chilly indoor conditions, it's a little more difficult. That's why we love soft, fluffy fleece — it's warm and cute, sure, but it's also the ideal layering piece. And with so many fleece at UNIQLO, your hardest decision will be which one to bring home (hint: we like all of them).

Original Fleece

Soft, warm, and quick-drying, these slim fleeces go with any outfit.

And they come in plenty of patterns, too.
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Fluffy Fleece

Sometimes, you just need a little extra cuddle. Fluffy fleece is the perfect solution.

A soft, raised nap means business — it's like you can see how cozy it is.
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For sporty excursions, windproof, waterproof BLOCKTECH fleece protects you from the elements.

A special layer keeps air out and warmth in.
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