New + Improved: The Seamless Down Parka
New + Improved: The Seamless Down Parka
Dec 14, 2017 LifeWear
Warm, water-repellent, and stylish, too.
Winter is in full swing — did you get your warm coat yet? If you’ve hesitated (or just want something new), we recommended our seamless down parka. It’s lightweight and warm, and its crimped edges prevents feathers from poking out and cold air and water from getting in. Wearers love it, and they (and you) will be happy to know we’ve made it even better since last season. Let’s see how the seamless down parka has improved.

1. New Inner Collar

This inner stand collar inside the hood keeps cold air from creeping in down the back of your neck (chilly!).

2. Better Shoulder Seams

A new, slightly curved seam at the shoulder makes the parka easier to move in.

3. More Storage

New inner pockets can fit everything from wallets and keys to books and notepads.

A special hole is perfect for stringing through your headphones.