New + Improved: The UNIQLO Hoodie
New + Improved: The UNIQLO Hoodie
Nov 29, 2017 LifeWear
See how we've made this loungewear staple even better.
You reach for your hoodie after work and on the weekends, but did you ever think about this wardrobe must-have could get even better? Well, we did. After testing and trial, feedback and achievement, we've made tweaks to our hoodies so that they're the best LifeWear they can be. Read on, and don't forget to shop for your own.

1. The Fabric

Our hoodies are made of 100% cotton, which wears and washes well.

2. The Hood

A three-dimensional sewing technique means the hood doesn't flop down when not in use — it just looks better!

3. The Waist + Cuffs

The hem opening and cuffs are cut slightly looser than before for a more comfortable fit.

4. The Tag

Who needs a scratchy tag on the back of your neck? Our hoodies have printed tags and special neck tape at the seams to avoid itch.