The Do-It-All Jacket You Need This Weekend
The Do-It-All Jacket You Need This Weekend
Nov 15, 2017 LifeWear
From the slopes to the streets.
The Ultra Light Down parka — it's warm, it's light, and it's the jacket that can take you anywhere you need to go, all season long. Take a look below on why we love it, and then shop your own.

1. It Packs Away

Ultra Light Down comes in its own special carrying case, making it easy to bring along with you in case of inclement weather.

2. It Has A Hood

The hood is edged with a stretchy tape that forms to your head and prevents wind from coming. No cold breeze in your hair here!

3. It's Super Light

The down is packed into special seamless chambers, making the jacket extremely light and extremely warm at the same time.

Here's How To Wear It

Choose a brightly colored Ultra Light Down parka if you're headed into the wilderness – that way, people can see you on the slopes or the trails. A BLOCKTECH parka adds extra water-repellent capability, and a HEATTECH crew neck tee wicks away moisture while keeping you toasty warm. And don't forget the BLOCKTECH fleece pants to cut out wind! On very cold days, a layer of HEATTECH leggings under pants keeps you cozy, and you'll need gloves and a hat, too.