UNIQLO Cashmere: The Story Behind Your Favorite Sweater
UNIQLO Cashmere: The Story Behind Your Favorite Sweater
Oct 23, 2017 LifeWear
A famous commitment to detail, from quality to design.
UNIQLO’s cashmere sweaters are renowned for their softness and warmth, but have you ever wondered how your favorite sweater made it to the store? Learn more about UNIQLO cashmere here, and then shop the collection for men and women.

To start, the cashmere must come from goats raised in conditions with dramatic variations in temperature. To combat the fickle temperatures, the goats will grow an undercoat of soft, fine hair under their coarse outer fleece.

When the weather gets warm, they naturally shed this soft hair, only about 100 grams or so, and we use it to weave into amazingly soft sweaters. Once the hair is collected, the process begins.

Step 1: Selection

Cashmere goats spend all year roaming the grasslands, so the raw wool they shed can contain various impurities like dirt and sand. It must be checked visually and sorted by hand. Cashmere fibers are so fine that they would be damaged by going through a machine, so this process has to be done manually.

Step 2: Quality Control

Strict checks are carried out to ensure that only 100% cashmere is used in our sweaters. Cashmere fibers are extremely fine and can’t be identified by the naked eye, so we use a microscope. After this strict quality control, products can be sold as 100% cashmere.

Step 3: Dyeing

The cashmere is dyed in deep, unique shades produced by blending between five and ten different colors together into one.

Step 4: Spinning

The spinning process for cashmere is almost the same as for normal wool, but at UNIQLO, we verify the twist of the wool many times to produce the optimum texture.

Step 5: Sewing

The work of piecing garments together is all done by hand by expert needleworkers.

Step 6: Finishing

This process, called “fulling”, is precisely controlled so that our sweaters have the optimum texture. It makes the cashmere as soft as possible without making it prone to pilling. After drying, a cashmere expert checks each garment, one by one. After being visually checked, each garment is measured to ensure that sleeves and collars are the correct size. The garments are then sent to stores to be bought and endlessly enjoyed by sweater lovers across the globe.