Down Town: Isaac Hindin-Miller Styles Core Down
Down Town: Isaac Hindin-Miller Styles Core Down
Oct 17, 2017 LifeWear
Versatile, cool, but so warm.
When the winter temps start to hit rock bottom figures, the time is nigh to break out your heavy duty layers. But don’t let the added padding cramp your style. We asked the always stylish fashion writer Isaac Hindin-Miller to teach us a thing or two about how to wear our Down Collection for winter. Hailing from the more temperate climate of sunny New Zealand, New York’s polar vortex is no joke for Isaac. Because he is always working on new content for his blog Isaac Likes, appearing in photo shoots, finding inspiration around the city, and taking meetings, it’s important for him to stay warm and fashionable all season long.

Keep reading for an insider's peek into Isaac’s busy, fashionable life, and for some insider tips for staying warm without ever compromising on style.

Running Errands

He wears: Seamless Down Parka, Dry Color Crew Neck, Cashmere Turleneck Sweater, Heattech Patterned Scarf, Ultra Stretch Skinny Jeans

Isaac’s style blog, Isaac Likes, stays popular all year round because he always keeps his content fresh, even when the outside temps are frigid. A monochrome approach to a warm outfit make it easy for him to stay stylish and shut out the elements while he runs around the city collecting gear for his next shoot. He layers our seamless down parka in a pale ice grey shade over a charcoal top and trousers, for a cohesive look. The coat’s special stitch-free design is ironclad against snow, wind, and water, and the down-filled collar adds an extra level of protection.

Skateboarding Around Town

He wears: Warm Tech Down Coat, Flannel Checked Long-Sleeve Shirt, Heattech Slim Fit Jeans, Beanie

Isaac is urban to the core, so he cruises around on a skateboard on off days. He moves fast and the wind is no joke, so our warmest down jacket is a must. All he needs is a beanie to stay warm all day long without catching a chill.

Working Out

He wears: Seamless Down Long Coat, Heattech Long-Sleeve Turtleneck, Heattech Knitted Cap, Blocktech Fleece Pants

Isaac prefers to head to the gym every day for his workout routine. The seamless down long coat gives him extra coverage from the elements, so he can stay warm in his light training gear.

Heading To A Gig

He wears: Down Jacket, Pile-Lined Fleece Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Jacket, Soft Touch Mock Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, Warm Easy Pants

In addition to his career as a fashion writer, Isaac is also an esteemed DJ in New York’s nightlife scene. With hip pockets featuring hand warmers, this down jacket is perfect for stepping out into the cold late at night for a gig. The extra patch pockets are also great for a little extra storage on the go, and the modular hood and fur can also be removed for added versatility. The coat is warm and fuss-free so Isaac can move with ease, minus the winter shivers.

Gallery Hopping

He wears: Seamless Down Coat, Fleece Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Jacket, Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt, Blocktech Slim-Fit Chino Flat-Front Pants

Isaac unwinds by exploring his love of art. During a day of gallery hopping, he can both take a break and find inspiration for his work. The seamless down coat in classic navy looks sophisticated and feels lightweight for a meandering afternoon along the artsy streets of New York’s arts district. We updated the clean silhouette of this business-appropriate coat with meticulous attention to detail, so comfort and style are always in balance.