• Braving The Fall With HEATTECH And AIRism

Braving The Fall With HEATTECH And AIRism

Sep 20, 2017 MEN
Your go-to innerwear for surviving transitional weather.
Ah, fall. ‘Tis the season to be confused about what to wear. The heat of summer is fading and the winter chill is on its way. Thankfully, UNIQLO innerwear is here to help us weather the mood swings of autumn temps. Using real product reviews from UNIQLO.com as inspiration, writer Jane Helpern sends her unwitting husband on an undercover investigation to find out how HEATTECH and AIRism can ease the transition to fall.

Workwear Made Easy

AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

As a general rule, profusely sweating on the job hardly screams, “I’m a professional.” I’m sure the self-proclaimed “sweatbox” from DC who proudly reviewed these tees would agree: “This shirt evaporates heat and sweat like an AC on full blast. You can't feel it on your skin, it's so light and soft. I just ordered 8 more.” It can be a predicament when, as in the case of my husband, you’re a photographer, and the gig calls for an outdoor location with zero shade on a unseasonably sweltering fall day.

To find out if AIRism’s ultra-fine, cool-to-the-touch innerwear prevents pesky perspiration, the hub headed out to his photo shoot equipped with the AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt under his usual shooting gear. “It was hotter than the inferno, but miraculously I wasn’t sweating like a pig,” he reported back, quite pleased for the first time not to be drenched. Not normally one for techy performance wear, he confirmed that he’d definitely be trying AIRism again and particularly enjoyed not stinking up a storm after a long day, thanks to AIRism’s special threads, which absorb and neutralize the source of odors (I was a fan of that part too. Wink wink.). This is also great if the moody fall weather does a 180 and gets cold. AIRism keeps him dry so he can feel comfortable and armpit stain-free at any temperature.

HEATTECH Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

For the guy with more traditional working conditions, the HEATTECH Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt offers the perfect solution for commuting sans jacket when the fall temps start to plummet. The proof is in the product review: “I've found that if I wear this shirt underneath a hoodie, I can normally go without a heavy jacket!” With its heat absorption and retention properties (the movement of tiny droplets of body moisture actually help generate heat), HEATTECH keeps him toasty, confident, comfortable, and coatless.

It also works well in overly air-conditioned environments, office or otherwise. To put my theory to the test, I sent my husband into the depths of the produce section of our local grocery store, which is basically the equivalent of venturing to Winterfell for us Angelenos. I told him it was for research, but we actually needed groceries (I’m tricky like that!). The result? “Babe, it’s not even cold in here,” he swears, comfortably clad in only a cotton long sleeve concealing his anti-static, moisture-wicking HEATTECH, while lugging a handle of tequila and a bundle of organic artichokes.

Weathering Formalwear

AIRism V-Neck T-Shirt

I’ll preface this by saying my husband is NOT, I repeat NOT, a v-neck guy, which is why it was perfect for him that the AIRism V-Neck T-Shirt could be disguised when worn on the inside. Anyone who's ever been invited to a black tie wedding on a sunny day is familiar with this special brand of hell—one where you’re required to look buttoned up in a tux while the rays beat down on your back and you try not to stain your rented jacket with salty, boozy beads of sweat. This is where AIRism’s refreshing, cooling properties come into play—and I think all men would agree that it’s a must have for weddings all year round (you know the dance floor is always going to be hot).

Inspired by one reviewer’s promise that this style “works great under dress shirts,” my husband decided to overcome his fears and try this AIRism undershirt. “If I didn’t know I was wearing a v-neck, this would be my favorite shirt ever,” said my husband, fatigued from his fourth wedding of the season. “It’s never cool to be the sweaty guy at the black tie event, and thanks to AIRism I didn’t feel like a sopping wet pig.” Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is my forever date.

HEATTECH V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The HEATTECH V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt is also there for you to layer under formal wear and button downs in colder temperatures. I’m keeping this one on standby to keep him snug, insulated, cozy, and complaint-free at that outdoor Viking-themed wedding in Iceland we have coming up.