The UNIQLO Roundup: The T-Shirt
The UNIQLO Roundup: The T-Shirt
Sep 12, 2017 LifeWear
Tees, please.
Is it possible to have too many t-shirts? (No. No, it is not). That being said, it’s nice to shake things up every once in a while. Not only are UNIQLO’s t-shirts are soft, functional, and stylish, but they also come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and shapes, making them as equally perfect with jeans as with your favorite suit jacket.

The DRY Packaged T-Shirt
The solid t-shirt is unmatched in versatility — it’s ideal on its own, and it’s equally as stylish peeking out as an inner layer. If that weren’t reason enough to wear it, UNIQLO’s packaged tees also come at an amazing price. Stock up!


The Supima Cotton T-Shirt
It’s time to treat yourself — pick up one of our tees made of high-quality Supima cotton. The rarest cotton in the world, Supima cotton is the softest cotton you can allow on your skin. That’s good, considering you’ll want to wear this t-shirt every day.


The DRY-EX T-Shirt
Whether you’re working out of just have a high-pressure day in front of you, DRY-EX tees aim to please. Made with a seamless construction, they quickly wick moisture away from your body and evaporate it, leaving you cool, comfortable, and ready for your next adventure. Try it with athleisure styles for a cool, casual look.


The Fashion T-Shirt
Hello, fashion star! The loose, relaxed look is all the rage right now — it has a laidback feel and plenty of cool to boot. These tees are ideal when paired with your favorite jeans or slim sweatpants — throw on a denim or leather jacket for a touch of attitude, and you’ve got yourself a weekend outfit.


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