How To Compose Yourself
How To Compose Yourself
Sep 06, 2017 LifeWear
Make the most of your layers.
Your personality and your outfit have multiple layers. Some multi-faceted individuals showed how they put together their autumn and winter looks.

One of the many recent transitions in Tabea Köbach’s life is her move to the countryside from New York City. She plans to populate her property with some goats, chickens, and pigs.

“A cow would be nice, too,” she says. But, of course, the greatest change is the birth of her daughter, Elovie. “I want her to have the opportunity to grow up the way I did,” Tabea says. “My grandparents had a dairy farm. I really cherished that beautiful time of my life and I want her to not have to grow up in the city. There are a lot of benefits to city life, but I prefer the countryside.” Tabea has always loved fashion, and modeling gave her a taste of the world on the other side of the camera.

She’s now studying fashion design and commutes to the city for class. “I’m in the countryside and I have the city life, right now, everything’s really balanced, I’m so happy about it,” she says. But that’s about the only free time she has. “The whole day everything revolves around her,” Tabea says. “It’s a sacrifice, but you like to do it because you get so much love, you can’t even describe. Every parent will tell you the same thing, but until you have them, you have no idea that that love exists.”

“In fall, I like to wear a lot of cardigans. I also pair pants that are straight cut and then you can layer something over it. With layering, you can dress so much nicer than in summer. I’m usually wearing something not very glamorous because I’m spending all my time outdoors, taking walks in the forest with Elovie, so I wear casual pants and plain stuff. When I’m in the city, that’s when I enjoy dressing up because it’s a contrast to my usual country life.”

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“I love going to galleries and museums, but that’s not enough,” says the architect Shohei Shigematsu.“ Artistic awareness is important. But so is looking at societal changes. Architecture always gets exposed to social, economic, political, or behavioral changes. To reflect that into architecture, you have to monitor many different domains, to have this certain level of profound knowledge.”

Shohei is a partner at the renowned global firm OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). His projects range from major museums to skyscrapers, massive projects that involve scores of contributors.

“There is always a magic moment that you think, ‘Oh, this is a great idea,’ but sometimes it’s very difficult to come to that level of conviction. The only thing that helps architects to overcome that is a deadline. You have to deliver. Delivering the building is not the end for architects. You have to see if it’s going to be well used. You have to keep monitoring. It’s a little bit like you delivered a child. It’s not the end, but the beginning.”

“I like for the architecture to express the specificity and complexity of the site,” he says, “and to create architecture that is only possible at that site, for that commission, and at that moment. I’m interested in the zeitgeist and the specificity of the site rather than establishing a style and then just kind of dropping architecture onto it.”

“I need the flexibility of layering. Even if it’s not cold outside, inside the meeting or the flight could be freezing. I’m in architecture, so black and gray, those basic colors, are precious. I like things that don’t get wrinkled and are easy to travel with. I think the other thing is maybe people’s image of architects is a little bit uptight and kind of wearing strange colored suits. But nowadays, we’re quite casual. I try to look like who I am and approachable. Sports clothes are looking more like actual clothes you’d wear. I’m sure there will be a complete merger at some point because the material and the adaptability to different temperatures is so great.”

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