How To Be Yourself
How To Be Yourself
Aug 28, 2017 LifeWear
Tastemakers tell all.
Some diverse philosophies from some singular individuals — how they learned to love the skin they’re in.

Caitlin Frame is a musician with an independent state of mind.

“My first record, State of Mind, is coming out in the fall. I engineered and produced it myself and played most of the instruments, which was a little bit lonely and it took a lot longer because I wanted to control everything. Performing in front of people has never been a problem. I’ve been standing on a chair and singing to my parents since I was able to talk. It’s natural to be on stage, but I’m awkward between songs. Apparently, people find it funny in a good way.”

Caitlin wears IDLF cashmere crew neck sweater ($79.90), high-waist chino wide-leg pants ($29.90), pleated scarf ($5.90), mesh skinny belt ($29.90)

Travis Gumbs is the co-founder of Street Etiquette, a fashion-based creative agency, and Maroon World, a bi-annual multicultural arts, fashion, and culture magazine.

“Being yourself is being confident. It’s recognizing when you feel afraid, insecure, or something’s bothering you that’s holding you back from expressing yourself. Being brave and being creative is about being yourself. I didn’t grow up with a lot of material things. When I started working, clothing was the first way that I could express myself in different ways. I could change how people look at me. Sometimes you want the world to see you in a whole different way. Expressing myself through style is the main way that I found the whole concept of being myself.”

Travis wears seamless down parka ($149.90), hoodie sweatshirt ($29.90), BLOCKTECH warm lined pants ($39.90)

Oliver Haslegrave is the co-founder and director of Home Studios, an interior design firm, and just released his first collection of furniture and lighting.

“I studied film. I didn’t have a defined idea of what I wanted to do when I graduated. I was a fiction editor. Narrative and story are the foundation of all my interiors. There has to be a purpose to the decisions that we make. Success is relative. I’ve always derived a great deal of satisfaction from work, because it’s something that I care strongly about. I don’t doubt that down the road I’ll work on some other things as well. It’s challenging, but I love learning and creating. Being yourself is doing what you’re passionate about.”

Oliver wears U wool blended chesterfield coat ($129.90), sweatshirt ($19.90), vintage regular fit chino flat front pants ($39.90), U bag ($39.90)