Babba Canales On UNIQLO, Her Fashion Philosophy + More
Babba Canales On UNIQLO, Her Fashion Philosophy + More
Aug 24, 2017 LifeWear
The marketing guru paired with The Coveteur to dress things up for fall.
Influencer and marketing force Babba Canales is always on the go, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have time to stop for a chat. Canales recently partnered with The Coveteur to showcase her favorite UNIQLO fall finds, and we got the exclusive scoop on her fashion philosophy, how New York has changed her wardrobe, and more, between takes.

cotton cashmere ribbed sweater, wide leg jeans

Her fashion philosophy:
"My philosophy when getting dressed is to be ready for anything! There are days that I am in an Uber all day, in between business meetings, running to after-work events, posted at the Spring Place office, or meeting friends for coffee. For me, it works best to choose something to wear in the morning that can carry me successfully through my day with a smile and is still eye-catching enough to make an impression."

The importance of dressing for the job:
"I think my style evolved as the setting of my career evolved. At Uber, a comfortable and simple look was my winning go-to outfit — a basic startup logo tee survived many hours and made me feel even more connected with my team and our common mission. Later on at Uber, I shifted into a more externally facing role which made looking sharp and ready for any occasion key. Now, working on my own agency has further directed my shift towards looks including silk power suits with a balance of independent sneaker brands and comfortable low heels as my days are often times on the go."

Why the power suit is always in:
"My work uniform is almost always a comfy power suit matched with fun accessories. For the weekend, I try to have more fun with my uniform, opting for statement accessories, colorful silhouettes, and all those maxi dresses I would never wear to a meeting."

boatneck tee, ezy jeans

On dressing with humor:
"New York City has definitely put a lot more color and a playful spirit into my wardrobe. It has remixed my previously more minimal Scandinavian style with more creative accessories and edgier details. I generally love to dress with a bit of humor, and I think that side of me really found home in NYC."

The one item of clothing she’d save in a fire:
"Definitely my navy suit from Marville Road! It’s the comfiest, yet most versatile outfit I have. I wear it with heels or sneakers, handbag or tote, and it works for almost any occasion."

Amazing shoes? Or a great bag:
"I am a bag and shoe person, so this is definitely difficult! But, I think I would have to choose cool (and comfy!) shoes, because in the end they take you somewhere and get you to where you need to be. Shoes can have a huge impact not only on your style, but also on your confidence. If you have comfortable shoes, you will surely walk into just about anywhere, making an entrance."

What to wear on those “eh” days:
"I try to give in to that moment for as long as possible before having to start my day. Those mornings I like to make a Daily Harvest breakfast cup in bed and start the morning slowly with my dog Blue. Then I head to a boxing class to start the day with a fresh mind. Those are the mornings when being your own boss is such a blessing."

waffle crew neck, high-waist pleated skirt

Her favorite UNIQLO item:
"The HEATTECH turtlenecks – they’re made out of the softest and comfiest material which truly keeps you warm during the wintertime. Those turtlenecks are so versatile, I wear them on many occasions — under dresses, with jeans, leather skirts, or even after a workout during the walk back home from the gym."

Why sustainable fashion is the next frontier:
"Fashion is always evolving and changing rapidly. I think currently we are in a momentous shift in which the consumer is driving fashion. The consumer has found its voice and strength and it is making a huge impact, which is why we are seeing now the importance of sustainable clothing, where materials are sourced from, ethics practiced, etc. With sustainable fashion, sustainable trends are increasingly popular. As with the influence of social media, there is a heightened sense of importance surrounding relevancy. Instagram tends to make an outfit feel very “one and done” after a single post. Versatile items allow for multiple styling opportunities with fewer items."

Thanks, Babba!