3 Rules to Dress by This Fall
3 Rules to Dress by This Fall
Jul 31, 2017 LifeWear
Outfit yourself in style.
Say goodbye to the lazy, carefree days of summer — fall is a time to get back into the rules (remember your school days?). That being said, not all rules need to be so hard to follow These guidelines are strictly for making a maximum impact in your wardrobe (and we don't mind if you break a few). After you're done reading the rule book, browse our new fall collection, for men and women.

Rule #1:
Play with Proportion

You can totally pair a long-ish skirt with a maxi skirt, or a long sweater with cropped, wide-leg pants. With so many silhouettes in play this fall, it's all about what feels right and fashionable for you.
sweater tank | maxi skirt
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Rule #2:
Fade Away

Dark washes have ruled denim for years, but we love the look of a worn-in pair of jeans. Extreme fading, distressed finishes, you name it — this fall, it all goes, and it all goes with everything.
waffle shirt | jeans
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Rule #3:
Add Texture

Monochromatic dressing is so chic, but it can also be a little boring. Up the ante on your fall outfits by adding lush fabrics like corduroy or velour — the subtle shades and texture differences really turn heads.
blouse | velour pants
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