All-Day Athleisure: The Easiest Way to Multitask
All-Day Athleisure: The Easiest Way to Multitask
Jun 29, 2017 LifeWear
Easy looks for women with long to-do lists.
Lines are blurring between what to wear to important meetings, first dates, yoga classes, quick errands, and me-time. Luckily, the athleisure trend is here to stay because its quick and easy versatility supports the fast-paced, flexible lives of busy women on the go.

When an outfit can really multitask, it frees up time to experience life to the fullest. It’s one less thing to think about, so you’re prepared for anything that comes your way. Here are some ways we mix and match UNIQLO athleisure pieces with everyday basics for look that’s always ready to go.

Ready to: enjoy a morning walk

She wears: Blocktech coat, striped tee, AIRism leggings

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to start the day right. Our wind- and waterproof Blocktech Coat protects you from the elements as you stroll along the river, and it still has you covered with breathable comfort when you turn up the pace to a power walk.

Ready to: pick up groceries

She wears: bomber jacket, Dry Stretch hoodie, Supima tee, AIRism leggings

The Dry Stretch Hoodie provides casual comfort while you run errands, even in the freezer section. Stretchy fabric allows you to move with ease, seamlessly transitioning from grocery aisle to gym locker. Layer it underneath an on-trend bomber for a cool look.

Ready to: explore the city

She wears: AIRism UV cut mesh hoodie, high-waist chiffon pleated skirt, AIRism seamless tee

Our AIRism Mesh Hoodie does triple duty while you spend a day exploring. AIRism technology keeps you cool and dry when you’re on your feet all day, and the UV Cut fabric provides an added protective layer. It’s a perfectly sleek layering piece to complement any street-style worthy outfit.

Ready to: host a birthday picnic

She wears: pocketable parka, ribbed tee, high-waist chino wide-leg pants

30% chance of rain? No sweat. The Pocketable Parka is the perfect light layer when the weather is being finicky. Throw it on to stay dry if you feel a drizzle, or stash it when the sun comes out to shine.

Ready to: go shopping

She wears: satin bomber jacket, AIRism crossback bra sleeveless top, AIRism ankle leggings

There’s no need to choose — you can squeeze in a stretch at the yoga studio and hit the sales. Pair high-waisted AIRism leggings with an AIRism camisole to stay cool and dry after exercise, and then top it all off with a chic bomber jacket to take your look to the streets.

Ready to: attend a backyard dinner party

She wears: ultra light down compact vest, rayon drape high-neck blouse, slim boyfriend-fit ankle jeans

Bring a Ultra Light Down Compact Vest with you along with your hostess gift. The light layer of warmth will keep you comfortable in the evening breeze, and the clean and modern design means you don’t have to compromise on style.

Ready to: catch a movie

She wears: ultra light down compact jacket, ribbed tee, high waist cotton volume skirt

Invite your Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket to the 7:00PM screening. You’ll stay warm in the air-conditioned theater and have the best seat in the house with that added cushion layer. Another plus? Its slim profile and elegant cut won’t compete with your cute date outfit.

Ready to: go to brunch

She wears: DRY stretch hoodie, biker jacket, extra fine cotton shirt, sweatpants

Dress up our comfy-yet-modern sweatpants with a classic oxford and a leather biker jacket to transition from lazy Sunday to fancy brunch. The stretchy terrycloth fabric allows ease of movement, so you can briskly walk off the eggs Benedict and mimosas.