• All-Day Athleisure: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

All-Day Athleisure: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Jun 28, 2017 MEN
Functional outfits to power up your day.
Sportswear has officially traveled beyond the playing field and onto the streets, and it’s improving the way we get dressed by bringing technology and comfort into the everyday. Like a productivity hack, the athleisure trend allows you to transition seamlessly into any situation, whether you’re crushing it on the job, squeezing in a workout, or getting some face time with friends.

Here are some ways we style UNIQLO athleisure wear with everyday basics so you’re ready for everything, no matter what’s on the schedule.

Ready to: walk the dog

He wears: dry stretch zip hoodie, crewneck tee, DRY EX shorts, compression tights, bomber jacket

In the Dry Stretch Hoodie, you can take your best bud for a walk, even if the weather’s looking dicey. Uniqlo’s DRY technology keeps you fresh when you’re feeling the heat, and its stretchy mobility makes it easy to run around with your pup.

Ready to: run errands

He wears: ultra light down compact vest, dry stretch sweat pants, crewneck tee, denim jacket

Throw a ULD Compact Vest over tonal separates while running errands in the early AM. The light added layer cuts the morning chill, and the barely there feeling won’t get in your way as you cross things off the to-do list. An added plus – the modern design looks great over everything.

Ready to: go for a ride

He wears: blocktech parka, stripe long-sleeve shirt, ultra-stretch skinny fit jeans

Take the Blocktech jacket for a ride. This high-performance parka will protect you from wind and rain as you cycle to your next appointment, and also let you move with ease and breathable comfort. Pair it with stretchy denim and a striped tee for an urban take on biking gear.

Ready to: get to work

He wears: ultra-stretch DRY EX jacket, DRY EX tee, wool cap, KANDO pants

Busy day? The DRY EX Full-Zip Jacket looks super put together over chinos at work, and keeps you feeling cool and collected, even if your schedule is stacked. Pair it with a simple tee, and you’re ready to transition from work hard to play hard at the end of the day.

Ready to: go for a jog

He wears: pocketable parka, EZY jeans, sweatshirt

The Pocketable Parka is the perfect companion to sneak in some exercise on a social day. It keeps you dry inside and out, and the lightweight and collapsible design makes it easy to carry. Wear it with stretchy jeans and a pullover so you can quickly move on to other plans.

Ready to: grab a drink

He wears: ultra light down compact jacket, cotton tee, flannel shirt, DRY EX ultra-stretch ankle pants

Stay warm and relaxed at outdoor happy hour in our ULD Compact Jacket. This easy-to-style layer cleans up nicely over casual gear during a drink with friends, and protects you from complaining about the weather.