• The New 9 to 5: Coworking

The New 9 to 5: Coworking

Mar 02, 2017 WOMEN
See how New York's creatives dress for success.
The way we work is changing - roles are becoming more dynamic, offices more open, and wardrobes more versatile. The new 9 to 5 means breaking out of the cubicle, and having the flexibility to fit the diverse needs and personalities of the modern workforce.

At Blender Workspace, a boutique collaborative work environment in the NoMad neighborhood of New York City, we encountered a diverse community of professionals embracing a new way to work. Blender brings interesting people together, from creative entrepreneurs and business owners who require a sophisticated work environment, to versatile freelancers and forward thinking innovators aspiring to drive real change.

We met Blender co-workers with very different styles, to learn more about the new ways they work, how they dress for the job, and why working together makes them stronger.

Laura Casinelli – The Creative Sophisticate

The always elegant Laura is a Strategy Director at her own communications agency, Franklin11. She has a diverse range of clients, from international organizations to restaurateurs and provides brand strategy across many industries, from luxury cars to music. As a result, exchanging ideas with people from different backgrounds than her own is a constant source of inspiration. Her signature style – both at work and in her wardrobe – directly reflects her personality: sophisticated with a modern, creative touch.

How do you dress for work?
I always wear a piece that suggests that I am from outside a client’s everyday, and bring a new way of working to the table. It shows that I bring a fresh perspective.

Where do you find inspiration?
I generally have the best ideas riding the subway. I often go underground on purpose with a notebook to brainstorm!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a philosopher, Albert Einstein, or a lion. I had a tendency to admire people with big, untamed hair!

What’s your favorite work snack?
Clementines! They give me an energy boost and wake me right up.

Laura wears:
Bottom: Light V-neck cardigan, UV cut striped sleeveless sweaterhigh waist wrap pants

Ben Chiriboga – The Effortless Innovator

Ben is in the process of defining a new way to work in the generally conservative industry of law. A former litigator, he repurposed his legal skills and founded En Masse, a growth consultancy that supports the needs of creative entrepreneurs. He sees the potential for innovation in every industry, so working in a collaborative environment allows him to access the creative friction born from working in a group. Transforming his way of working also changed his work-style and wardrobe – from previously suited up, to now casual cool.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A legomaster. I’d throw out the instructions and try to create something completely new. In a way, my dream came true. I'm a legomaster for creative businesses.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! I am always cross-referencing, asking myself "how can I apply that to what I do?"

What’s it like to work at Blender?
It’s like playing bumper cars with a bunch of creative thinkers. I get to learn about different workflows and ideas every single day.

Ben wears:
Bottom: Relaxed ankle pants, easy care comfort long sleeve shirt

Christian Kotzamanis - The Architect Entrepreneur

Christian is the Founder of MEDIUM Architecture. Though his role demands a certain level of traditional professionalism – both in work-style and wardrobe – the forward-thinking firm is founded on an emerging model that values an exchange of ideas with other industries. At Blender, Christian gets to build his clientele, with the flexibility of space and a community of inspiring individuals surrounding him.

Where do you find inspiration?
New York is a huge source of inspiration. Everything is charged and the city brings out extremes in people. Everyone seems very open here, and that mutual curiosity is inspiring.

What music do you listen to at work?
Earphones and music are a big part of my focus at work. I like ambient instrumentals, and sometimes classical.

What do you love about your job?
I love problem solving and the process of working collaboratively with other people, so the chance encounters that happen in a shared workspace are great for creativity.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be Bruce Lee. Definitely appropriate in my line of work.

Christian wears:

Barbie Bertisch – The Versatile Multitasker

Barbie brings an air of effortless cool to her multi-faceted work life. She’s the culture director for hospitality startup TripCraft by day and a DJ by night, as well as a contributor to various music zines and radio shows. Sharing space with people from a range of professions is perfect for her curious nature, because she can pick up knowledge and ideas from those around her. As a result of her varied work-style, Barbie is an expert at dressing casual classics up or down, to suit the many moods of her wayfaring workdays.

What music do you listen to at work?
Strangely, I very rarely listen to music while working! When I do put some music on, I go to online radio stations that offer a wide range of sounds.

What do you love about what you do now?
I love being able to wear many hats. It feels like a really fresh way of working. During the day, I’m working with clients, discussing creative, managing social media, and talking about new technologies. At night I get to switch gears and explore the beauty in music, radio, dancing, and nightlife.

How do you dress for work?
It’s all about juxtaposition, since I am often split between my day and my night personalities. Comfort is key for me to feel like myself, so even if I have to button up a bit, I still keep it casual and genuine.

Barbie wears: