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Two-layer design allows for comfortable, adjustable support.
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Silky, smooth texture, with a comfortable fit you'll want to wear everyday.
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Two times more breathable than regular AIRism innerwear. A mesh fabric wicks away sweat and dries quickly.
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The best way to stay cool and comfortable no matter the season is with kids' AIRism. This light, breathable fiber is just the thing to keep little ones dry and refreshed during school and play.

Kids' AIRism has a smooth, silky texture that they'll love to wear, and you'll love it because it has odor control, absorbent, stretchy, and moisture-wicking properties. It's great when layered under dresses, tees, and jackets, or even when worn on its own.

If you haven't tried kids' AIRism, you don't know what you're missing! Get some today, available only at UNIQLO!