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October 18 – October 24**

October 18 – October 24**


October 25 – October 31**

October 25 – October 31**


November 1 – November 10**

November 1 – November 10**


*Offer valid on select HEATTECH items priced $19.90 or lower while campaign supplies last. First come first served.

**Each offer valid until the following dates and times. 1st chance: 10/24 23:59 pm ET | 2nd chance: 10/31 at store close hour | 3rd chance: 11/10 at store close hour.


HEATTECH generates heat from your body.

HEATTECH is made from bio-warming material, providing warmth without bulk. It uses technology to convert body moisture into heat, keeping you comfortable all winter-long.

Heattech Img 1 PC Heattech Img 1 Mobile

Special construction absorbs water vapor from the body and converts it to heat.

Heattech Img 2 PC Heattech Img 2 Mobile

Micro-acrylic mesh pockets trap air for insulation.

It’s not just warm.
HEATTECH keeps you fresh, too.

It’s not just warm.
HEATTECH keeps you fresh, too.

In addition to keeping you warm, moisture-wicking fibers release excess moisture to keep you fresh all day.

Heattech Image 3 PC Heattech Image 3 Mobile

Q. By when should I download the app to be eligible for free HEATTECH?

A. In order to receive a coupon, you have to download UNIQLO app by the following date:
1st Chance: October 17 11:59 PM ET
2nd Chance: October 30 11:59 PM ET
3rd Chance: November 9 11:59 PM ET

Q. How do I link my account in the app?

A. To link your account, go to the “My Account” tab at the bottom of the application, tap the “Settings” tab, select “Link the app with your account”, and follow the instructions.

Q. Which items are eligible?

A. You can choose from select regular priced $19.90 HEATTECH items.

Q. When and where can I find the online coupon?

A. On 10/18. To view your coupon, open the “Message” tab located on the top bar of the UNIQLO app and find the message titled “FREE HEATTECH COUPON.” Your coupon code is shown in the message.

Q. Why can’t I see the coupon in my app?

A. This offer is exclusive to members who downloaded the app and linked it to a valid account prior to the dates outlined.

Q. How do I redeem my coupon online?

A. Please use your special coupon code you will receive in in-app message, and apply it at the check out. Pro Tip: screenshot the message for easy code reference.

Q. If I redeem my coupon for the 1st chance, can I also get a coupon for the 2nd and 3rd chance?

A. No. You only get 1 chance to get your free sample. (Example: If you redeem your coupon during the 1st chance, you're not eligible for the 2nd and 3rd chances)

Q. When can I redeem my in-store coupon?

A. If you download the UNIQLO app before 10/25, you'll receive a coupon on 10/25. If after 10/25, you'll receive the coupon within 1 business day from the day you downloaded the app.

Q. How do I redeem my coupon in store?

A. You can bring your in-app coupon to any UNIQLO store near you, and redeem the coupon by showing it to a sales associate. To view your coupon, open the app and tap “My Account” on the bottom menu, and be sure you are viewing the “Coupons” tab.

Q. When does my coupon expire?

A. Your coupon is valid by the following date and time as long as campaign supplies last:
1st Chance: 11:59 PM ET, October 24
2nd Chance: October 31 until stores close hour
3rd Chance: November 10 until stores close hour

Q. What happens if I don’t redeem my coupon for the 1st Chance?

A. You will automatically receive a 2nd Chance coupon on October 25th as long as your account is linked.

Q. Can my FREE HEATTECH item be returned?

A. No, sample distribution is final.

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