portrait of Taki-san

Hiroshi Taki

uniqlo usa ceo message

Today UNIQLO USA is experiencing a very exciting moment of growth. UNIQLO brought its business to the U. S. in 2005, and since then, the company has developed over a number of different phases. Today, our Stores and SSC (Store Support Center) are making a huge leap toward an important goal together, which will generate many career opportunities.

Our Stores are expanding on both the East and the West Cost and we are introducing UNIQLO in new markets as well. Because the U.S. is a vast and diverse country, each region has a unique approach to doing business and we are developing support systems for each area to address this. EC is also an important business where our potential is significant. EC is quickly growing every year and it presents us with a huge business opportunity. In fact, we expect our EC business to grow to at least twice its current size. We are combining the data of our EC with our brick and mortar stores to better serve our customers. Fast Retailing is moving towards a goal of becoming a "Digital Consumer Retailing Company” by introducing various kinds of technologies to make customers’ purchasing experience more smooth, seamless and comfortable.


portrait of Mr. Yanai

Tadashi Yanai
Chairman, President and CEO

Chairman, President + CEO message

Choose your job, not your company.
Choose a final destination that goes beyond your job.

People peak at the age of 25.
You are never too young to discover your destiny.
Starting a job is a positive life changer. Some young people only worry about the first step – getting into a company. I believe you should think about starting your job first, not about joining a company. Whatever work you do, only when you are doing it in an actual workplace, will you become a mature member of society.

For example, connecting with others is important for business, and it is something that can only be learned from work. Our company motto is “Global One, Zen-in Keiei,” and what we mean by this is that we must all adopt international best practices, with everyone getting involved. Work is a team sport. Working together as one team is essential. Yet teamwork can’t exist unless every member has a deep understanding of their relationship with the others.