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The word “lightness” has many
connotations—color, materials, functionality.
These styles depict the lightness of this season’s collection.

Earthy Colors

When you hear “lightness,” maybe cheerful colors come to mind. Not vivid tones, but gentler, paler hues. Colors that evoke the natural world, like sage green, mauve pink, pale terra cotta, and milky ecru. This season, instead of being used as accents, these key colors work as soft base tones that pull a look together.

Grab a Shirt

Lightweight jackets can be key. Leave your normal coat or hoodie behind, and instead, toss on a shirt. The freedom will amaze you. Try one with refreshing stripes, but rather than the standard blue, go with mint green or light purple. White bottoms boost the freshness.

Sporty and Active

Being light on your feet is an essential part of today’s active lifestyle—like regular exercise. UV-blocking, water-repellant pocketable parkas and T-shirts with DRY technology give your daily wardrobe increased functionality. Sports Utility Wear is one of this season’s core concepts, straddling the border between normal clothes and activewear.

Sheer Looks

Lightness also brings to mind “sheerness” and “showing skin.” Cropped cuts that show your waistline around town and sheer fabrics that reveal the outline of your innerwear are taking off. A mesh knit cardigan is a grown-up way of making the style work for you. Wear with a bra top that shows the shoulders and décolletage for a classy look.

Suits Lighter than Air

Functional fabrics can make a suit feel as light as anything. Marketed abroad as AirSense, these amazing suits are celebrated for their lightness. The thin and stretchy cotton-like fabric is pleasantly supple. Wear it casually with a tee or business with a shirt.

Purely, White

Clean whites embody lightness. A minimal all-white look is in this spring and summer: everything from white-on-white outfits to brilliantly white summer dresses. It’s not about a sense of purity, so much as how white highlights the soft lines of a relaxed silhouette.

Breezy Linen

The comfort of natural fabrics is another face of “lightness.” Especially when it comes to the breezy spring and summer fabrics, linen, cotton, and silk, this season’s collection presents linen shirts made from 100% premium European flax, along with linen blend T-shirts, easy pants, and dresses. The smooth fabrics and colorful palette will fill your heart with lightness.

  • Illustrations by Amelie Hegardt
  • Text by UNIQLO
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