T-shirt designs wanted!

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Theme for UTGP2024

Designs may use artworks in the Louvre's collection.

Designs must not include the Louvre exterior, pyramid, logo, or any artwork not in the public domain.

If you have any questions about eligible artworks, please contact us through the enquiry form.


We invite you to create an expanded vision of the Louvre and embrace its unique collection. Why not show us an artwork no one knows, give us a new interpretation of a well-known piece, or demonstrate a sense of the wide range of the collections: create connections no one would have expected while remaining deeply grounded in the history of the museum. Show us the Louvre as it is – and as we can only see it through your eyes.

*Visit the official Louvre website.

Application Closed

What is UTGP2024?

The UT Grand Prix (UTGP) is a design competition that uses the T-shirt as its creative medium. It’s open to everyone - regardless of their occupation, age, gender, or nationality - in an effort to foster imagination and artistic talent in people all over the world.

The prizes

The prizes

The prizes

The grand prix


+Invitation to private Louvre tour

one winner

The judge's gold award


one winner per judge

Silver award


multiple winners

The judges

Entries will be judged by representatives from both the Louvre and UNIQLO.

The schedule

Entry period

2023/7/18 - 2023/9/15
(Until 23:59 JST)

Winners notified

November - December 2023

Winners will receive an email notifying them of their prize.
Schedule subject to change.

Winner announcement

Around the summer of 2024

How to enter

Check the How to Enter page and apply on the Entry page.

About the Louvre

About the Louvre

Formerly a royal palace, the Louvre has encapsulated the history of France for eight centuries. Open to the public since 1793, the Louvre collections are among the finest in the world, encompassing several thousands of years and cultures from across the world. Divided among nine departments, the collections feature works admired throughout the globe, including the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and the Venus de Milo.

After the French Revolution, the Louvre was transformed into a place where artists could admire the great masters and look for inspiration. Even today, the Louvre remains a place of inspiration for the greatest contemporary creators, architects, painters, sculptors, dancers, and musicians.

The Louvre's website

Centaure Borghèse (détail) © 2011 MdL / T. Ollivier
Idole cloche © 2021 MdL / N. Guiraud J.E. Bapst, Eléphant blanc de Danemark © RMN-GP (MdL) / M. Rabeau
L. de Vinci, Portrait de Lisa Gherardini, épouse de Francesco del Giocondo (détail) © RMN-GP (MdL) / M. Urtado
Relief de Séthi I et Hathor (détail) © 2010 MdL / C. Décamps
Pendule de crozatier © 2016 RMN-GP (MdL) / S. Maréchalle
J.B.S. Chardin, Pipes et vase à boire, dit aussi La Tabagie (détail) © 2010 MdL / A. Dequier
L. de Vinci, Portrait de femme de profil tournée vers la gauche dite Isabelle d'Este (détail) © RMN-GP (MdL) - T. Le Mage
Relief du palais de Sargon II (détail) © 2012 RMN-GP (MdL) / © RMN - T. Ollivier- 2012
Stèle de Tapéret © 2008 MdL / G. Poncet
E.M. Falconnet, L'amour menaçant (détail) © 2021 MdL / N. Guiraud
Pallas de Velletri (détail) © 2021 MdL / N. Guiraud
Lion dit de Monzon © 2021 MdL / N. Guiraud © MdL / O. Ouadah

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